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Welcome Back and Happy Lunar New Year!

2 March 2015

Dear TAS Families,

I hope that you all had a restful and lucky Lunar New Year Holiday! We in the Elementary School are happy to be back and ready to learn! In America, the month of March is “National Reading Month,” so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some TAS Elementary reading snippets with you!

In the ES lobby this year, we have a wonderful new “Reading Corner” located under our stairwell. The books here have all been donated (a big “thank you!” to the donors!) but we could always use some new ones! The students enjoy having this cozy space to relax and read quietly when they need a break from the hectic pace of recess and free time.

Giang in grade 5 enjoying the reading corner.

Giang in grade 5 enjoying the reading corner.

Also new in the ES this year is a bean bag for each classroom! Every grade has a nice reading nook with a small library of “on-level” books and a big comfy bean bag for students to share. It so much easier to enjoy reading when surrounded by a soft and comfortable space!

Chan and Ricky, grade 3,  reading from the class library during Language Arts

Chan and Ricky, grade 3, reading from the class library during Language Arts


Every student in the ES is assigned reading for homework every day! Why? Because the more words we see, hear, and say the smarter we become! As a school where every student is multi-lingual, it is even more important that the students practice English each day at home as this the language in which they are learning. As a family member of a TAS ES student, you could read a book out loud to your student, or you could listen to them reading to you (kids love this!). You could also simply encourage your student to read more and talk to them about the stories that they are enjoying.


At TAS, we want reading to be fun! Please stop by our ES Library any time to pick out some colorful and interesting books to borrow and share with your family.


And don’t forget, reading can happen anytime, anywhere!

Steven, Nursery, reading in the classroom

Steven, Nursery, reading in the classroom

Katheryn, grade 4, reading at recess

Katheryn, grade 4, reading at recess


photo 3

Dung and Anna, grade K, reading in the ECE playroom

Semester 1 Highlights! 

What a wonderful first semester this has been so far! TAS Elementary has had many proud accomplishments, fun events, and exciting changes at our campus. Following are some Semester 1 Highlights! And after that, some things to look forward to that are coming up soon.

  • As a kick-off to this school year, September was “Reading Month.” Students enjoyed a huge variety of activities that were all designed to build a love and appreciation for reading.
  • This year, we have arranged for our Library to be open and available for all Elementary students not just before and after school, but also during all break and recess times!
  • Our new “Reading Corner” in the Elementary lobby is a quiet, comfortable place for students to explore some new books (we’re still taking donations!!!).
  • Our Quarter 1 Parent-Teacher conferences were a great success. Thank you to everyone who attended. Remember to keep checking teachers’ Class Blogs for updates and now you can also follow along on PowerSchool for some progress updates as well!
  • Our After-School-Activities Program is now up and running with a variety of activities offered each day including some great extension classes by our Art and Music teachers, Mr. Eric and Mr. Scott!
  • Students all enjoyed so many fun, educational field trips, cultural celebrations, and assemblies this quarter! Updates and photos of these events can always be found on class blogs as well as on the school website!

There is so much going on each and every day in the TAS Elementary School! Here are just a few highlights of what you can look forward to…

  • TAS Elementary is implementing a “Character Counts” emphasis! Our character trait focus for November is THANKFUL and for December will be KINDNESS AND GIVING. Please help us encourage these character traits by asking your students how they can be more thankful, kind, and giving in their home lives as well as at school!
  • We will be continuing our monthly Student-of-the-Month Assemblies on the last Friday of each month. Please come and see the awesome student presentations then stay for a brief conversation/question-answer time with the Elementary Principal!
  • Students will have many opportunities coming up to let their talents shine. All classes are participating in the “Rhino Campaign” to raise awareness in which they have created works of art and poetry. Our Art classes are also participating in the International “Art Olympiads” contest. The top two paintings (voted on by students and teachers) will be sent to Washington DC for display this summer! Our student athletes are finishing up their Basketball season with a tournament coming up soon and then are so excited to begin the Soccer season!

Thank you all for your support! Please stop by the TAS Elementary any time to check in and learn more about what we are learning!

TAS Craziest Readers!

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