Challenge 8 – Favourites


My favorite sport is badminton. Badminton is really fun, at the first time i don’t know how to play it and I really  hate it. But when my dad teach me how to play and when i can play i really love it.


My favorite book is the Tale Of Dexperaux. It the book about a mouse, this mouse is different from other mouse, his ears is big, he born with an eyes open, he talks to human and he don’t learn how to being a mouse.





My favorite game is minecraft. You can build stuff by using blocks, when i play survival mod their a zombies, skeleton, creeper and

spider. I can go find food to eat, finding blocks to build house. Plant trees, dig to find diamond, gold or silver.



My favorite things to do is go shopping with my family. When i go shopping i can buy a lots of clothes that i like but sometime my mom don’t let me. My mom choose a nice clothes for me.

My favorite animal is Snake. Snake are really dangerous. I’m scared of snake but i kind of like it.

My favorite place to travel is America. America is a really nice place. Their city is really clean and their people is really friendly.

My favorites singer is Taylor Swift. Some of her songs are very nice and soft.

My favorite person is my friends. Her names is May and Cindy. Both of them are funny, and be nice to me. They always help me when i get in trouble or i can’t do my homework.

My favorite music instrument is Piano. I learn how to play it when i was 3 grade. First when i play piano, i don’t like it so much because it to hard for me. But then i practice and learn more, so it getting easy for me.

My favorite kind of music is rock and loud. Because it made me feel happy and fun when i sad or bored.

Enjoy !!!!!



Challenge 6 activity 2

Stranger can learn about me by go to my wall in Facebook, Skype, Twitter,Yahoo and see the information about me. I have post my email address, date of birth, my home address, and my phone numbers so my friends or stranger can know information about me. But I don’t give my private information a lots because some stranger a really dangerous so i have to keep my private information. You can not find my information by search in Google because my information is not important  so i don’t want to do it. But if you want to see information about me send me a request I will accept you as my friends so you can know more about me.

Email Address:

Have fun!!!!


Challenge 9 – Games Week

10 apps in ipad you should need for you study

Note: you can taking note by using this apps during class

Calculator: you can use this to solve math problem easily

Sodoku: it a game that help you with your logic

Dictionary: you can translated the words that you don’t know

Math Practice: this app help you practice math

SchoolShape: it show you different kind of shape and help you learn more about it

Minecraft: you can be creative in minecraft by buildings stuff by different type of blocks

Learning Skill: this apps help you with skill, it help you learn more about skill

Picture Dictionary: it help you learn vocabulary easier by look at the picture and read definition

Thanks !!!!!

Challenge 6 activity 3

I checked the privacy help pages, the part that surprised me about the setting is  we can control who tag us in some picture if we don’t want it to be in our timeline.When i change it, my friend tag me in and it show me a box that ask would you like this to be in your timeline?

Activity relating to number 10:

1) Tetris is the game in facebook that help you with your logic

2) Calculator should help you solve math problem

3) Viber is the app that you can call your friends

4) Spell board is really help full for you to learn vocabulary


Collage poster



Chalenge about the number 10

Marron 5:

What make you become a musician


When you start to love music

Selena gomez:

What way that make become a pop star

Taylor Swift:

What make your way success?

Nicky Manaj:

How did you feel when you become a singer?

Justin Bieber:

What way that make you become famous?

Bruno Mars:

How do you feel when you are singing?


Do you love to being a singer?


When you start to l0ve writing book?


Why you want to become a docter




Me and my family go to to travel to Singapore for summer. It really fun there, it was my first time to been there. We go to Universal Studio and more. After all my mom and me go to shopping, then we eat dinner at restaurant, it really yummy, when we finish my mom take me to hotel and sleep until the next morning, my mom take me to a mini shop to buy present for my friends and my mom’s friend.

I love Singapore !!!! 😀

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