Week 9: Game Post

This is a blog for the student blogging challenge!!

This week is about games, so I choose game number 1:

1st blog that I commented on is: Jake’s Online Adventure. On his Yiddish word of the day post!

My comment was: Why this is called Yidish words?

2. David’s Blog

I commented: ” I have heard about Dr. Who, but i’m never actually watch it.” on his Dr.Who post.

3. Harry Potter and Narnia Blog

I comment on his Sorry blog for not uploading any post in the past 2 months.

Comment: ” Same to me,  i miss alot of challenges”

4. Allie’s blog

Post: The Bermuda Triangle

Comment : Sound very creeper, but I wanted to be the first one to discover that secret.

Top 10 favorites- challenge week 8

1. Movies

G.I Joe Retalation

I like the G.I Joe Retalation because it graphic is really good. I like Snake Eyes because he is a really awesome ninja, I always like him because he very good at martial art. In the movie there’s alot of ninja action, that reallyamazing that a normal human can’t do, like Snake Eyes can even stop bullets using his sword.

2. Movie Star: Robert Downey Jr

My favorite movie star is Robert Downey Jr, he’s the main actor in the series Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr, is very cool guy, he always act like as a boss everywhere. My favorite movie I watched from him is Iron Man 2, it is really cool when a rich man who own his own tower with a super man suit. He can become a iron man by just telling his computer J.A.R.V.I.S to deploy the suits onto his body.

3. My favorites soccer shoe is Ctr 360 Maestri III

My favorites shoe brand is Nike, but my favorites type is Ctr 360. Why? Because Ctr 360 is special shoe ment for contorl, and I believe fully controlled shoe will best help you to play soccer. Ah.. I didn’t tell you, I like black and red, so I only like the black and red ones.  My friend have the Liberetto III, but I believe the Maestri III have better quality that help you to be more comfortable.

4. My favorites book series

My favorites book series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It is a book series about Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon go vs against evil forces. Don’t forget his companion, like Annabeth and Grover who always help him on his adventure by providing them knowledge about ancient Greek.

5. My favorite shoes brand

My favorite Shoes Brand is Nike. Why? Because I think this brand contain many varieties of shoes, and I felt that other brand don’t have as much as them. And because Nike, a guy won the guiness world record of shoes. Also I felt like the unique design of their shoes is really beautiful.

6. My favorite laptop brand

My favorite laptop brand is Razer. Razer is a company computer design for gamers. Well I kinda consider me a gamer, so I think this brand would be great. And I also love that they put the components which compatible for alot of game, I would dream to get one.

7. My favorite apps on Ipad

My favorite Ipad apps is Clash Of Clans. It is a game where you manage and protect a village of your self. You can trains troops and battle against other village. You get money, upgrade your-self and battle your way through the top, also every fight you do, you get trophies. The higher trophies you get, the better. 

8. My favorite party song!

My favorite party song currently is Party Shaker. It is a song from the Brazillian, but I sound really catchy. I love the beat, the paced and the lyrics. I felt there’s is a strong funky emotions after listen to that song, so I believe it will shake up the party.

9. My favorite Minecraft Youtuber

My favorite Minecraft Youtuber is AntVenom. He is a very famous youtuber who got famous by making alot of fun series with other youtubers. My favorite series is Hunger Games and Cop n robbers, why ? because I think those series is funny and really adventuring. I like the cops n robbers the most because it is so much fun and I laugh off some times.

10. My favorite soccer team

My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona, why? because my favorite player is Messi. He is the best player in the world, and he have lots of respect. He always pass to his team mate, so that my style, is to frequently pass no solo. I know there’s alot of Cr7 fans all around the world. But I still like Messi.

Challenge 6 Part II


This is a blog from the student blogging challenge!

Activity 3:  Are you on Facebook? Have you checked the privacy help pages? Read through them and write a post about something that surprised you about the settings? Did you change some of your settings after reading the information? Why? Here is another article on Facebook privacysettings.


Yes, I am a big fan of facebook. And I doing this blog as a work on my ICT class, so my teacher were showing me the privacy adjustments. At first I was really surprise when I watch the Digital Dossier video. I can’t believe that I can actually block a friend of mine to not see one of my privacy stuffs such as post, pictures, etc… I was hoping for a settings for who can see my likes, but I couldn’t find it, so if you guys know tell me in the comment section below. I was really surprise, so I went to the tags privacy and turn on the approve for tags. I also turn on the who can see my blog, and I put in those peoples that I don’t want them to see my blog. I really want to change it, because I think some people are really annoying to me when they see my post and they gonna use them to mock me or something. And the tags, because I think I should approve those tags because what if they tags me in these unapropriate post and then people will think bad about me, so that why.


END!!!! THANKS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION OF TIME TO READ THIS. Comment, share and like my blog page!

Challenge 6 (To be continue) Part 1

This is a post from the student blogging challenge ! Today I will write my post about challenge number 6.

Activity number 10: What 10 educational games or iPad apps should all students be able to use at school? Give reason why it is considered educational.

1: Calculator (apps); It is helpful to educational purpose because when you get older you need a scientific calculator to work. So you can just do the calculator on Ipad for free. 

2: Minecraft (apps, game): Minecraft is a game of creativity and problem solving, an example is that in Social Studies you can use Minecraft to build about ancient buildings. Also in art you can also use it to make beautiful pixel art on minecraft. and the good thing is that you enjoy the game and learn something useful.

3: Lego Designer (apps, game): Is also a game just like Minecraft that help

you push up your creativity in blocks of Lego. You can use those blocks to create your own design of buildings.

4: Engrade (apps): Engrade is a system that record your grades, everytime your finish your work at school it is saved on engrade so that you can see your total score.

5: Edmodo (apps): Edmodo is a system that teacher can receive work or give work to student. You can also even reward your student badges and grade their online work.

6: Ibook (apps): Ibook is a app to save book from online and you can use the ipad to read the book. It is helpful because you can just read free book from the ibook.0.

7: Microsoft Word (apps): Microsoft Word, as you all can know, it is for typing paper work. And With a Ipad or Laptop it will be way easier to produce your work than write.

8. Microsoft Excel (apps): Microsoft Excel app is useful to organize files and data. You can even make a graph out of it and show it on one of your class presentation.

9. Google Drive (apps): Google Drive is also a similar app as Microsoft Words, but.. as you can see Google Drive is compatible with your Gmail, and every time you log in your gmail you can easily find the file.

10. Sketch (apps): First thing that come up into your mind when you hear the word sketch, must be art. Yes, everytimes in Art class that you want to draw a sketch of something, you can just go on your Ipad, where you can draw it and color without get your hand dirty. But still this is for sketching, I still thing real life paintings is better.


End of part 1

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Challenge 5 – Sorry for the delay

This is a blog from the student blogging challenge!

This challenge is about 10 ways you can think of what inside that mysterious jungle. So I use Pixton to describe my list through comics. And you audience might wonder why I’m late for the challenge number 5, the answer is I was on my Easter Holiday for 2 weeks and I got carried away and forgot to do this. Hope you guys forgive me for being late!


As you guys all know, I love minecraft and so do you. So today, my post is about my work in minecraft. This is not for show-off my skills, but for entertainment. I also have another blog for all of my friend and me works in a group called Mineworkersqc. You can visit the website by clicking on the name, and here some picture to shown what on the blog.

If you guys have any comment about this post or the website, you can just comment here. I am not suggesting you to comment on the other blog but if you do you have to create another account. So to be easy.. just comment on this website.

Week 3 – Earth Hour

Week 3: From the Student Blogging Challenge, Earth Hour!

This is a post to support the ideas that Earth Hour on march 23,2013. That’s when everybody will participate in a event that all electricity should be turn off to help the world. Can you imagine how much energy to support more than 7 billion people using electricity everyday. You might think this idea is stupid and not effective, but hey a effort is a effort no matter big or small. You will think this is useless, but think again, if everyone actually put the effort to join and participate in this event, they can make a big different. So you, should help the world, and join them to make a different.

Reducing and Recycle, Reuse is the 3 R’s to save the world energy. In Earth hour people have to reducing used of energy by turning off thousands of light around the world. People could instead use battery powered for temporary and use candle to light the world instead. Energy conserve will help the world to reduce the amount of usage of energy in a day, everyday energy is produce by many natural element. One of the biggest example is gasoline, everyday people use thousand and millions of car, imagine every single person having 1 car and use them to go to work on the same time. The amount of gasoline used will be enormously big, gasoline is natural from the world  you can’t create it. Once all the gas from the world is use, millions of cars will pile up in a metal pile, the world will stop. Cars, Airplane, all have to stop working, because most of all of them using gasoline.

Other waste of natural materials is plastic cup, toys, etc… Plastic cups and bags are use every single day, people use them to carry stuffs and drink. As you know, plastic contain many chemical component, when you are throwing them in the trash can. The trash either get throw somewhere in the ocean or they have to burn it. They can’ t just leave it somewhere, it will get pile up, so they have to burn it. When you burn the plastic a black, chemical smoke that can easily damage the ozone layer. The other way that you dumb it in the ocean, where fish and sea animal live there. Fish are curious animal, if the fish accidentally eat the chemical composition of the plastic cup , they will die. So to help the world you have to either Reuse the plastic or put it in the Recycle box for people to recycle it to something else.

You can listen to the 3 R’s song by clicking on the name.



My other hobby

Another of my hobby is listen to Music, especially Pop genre. When I’m sad or bored, I turn on my PC and play my Itunes playlist, music always made me feel better. Sometimes I was happy and started to sing along, although I don’t sing good but that make me happy on the most saddest moment. Truthfully, music is everything, I bring my ipod with me and listen to music every time that I am free. Music is JUST TOO GOOD!

My favorite singer is Adam Levine, he is part of Maroon 5 band and making alot of Pop music. Right now he is 33 year old, but I still love his music. I always amaze that he is 33 year old and making AWESOME music. My favorite album is Overexposed which is from Maroon 5 band. It’t not like I just listen to 1 singer, I also listen to other too but Adam Levine is my favorite. Still I also like rapers, one of my favorite is Snoop Dog. People and there music talent is just amazing, I believe that music is part of me and I can’t stop listen to it. Here is my top 10 of songs I like.

1. The man who never lied – Maroon 5

2. Sweet – Snoop dog ft David Guetta

3. Tickets – Maroon 5

4. Fortune Teller – Maroon 5

5. Troublemaker  – Olly Murs ft Florida

6. Stutter- Maroon 5

7. Walking on the moon- Karmin

8. Drive by- Train

9. Radioactive (orginnally from the Imagine Dragon)- Cover by Lindsey Stirling &  Pentatonix.

10. Die Young – Ke$ha

Comment about your favorite, what you like about this, etc…. Click on the name to get to youtube website to listen to those songs.