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ABC Memory Cards

The boys and girls of TAS Pre-K are working hard to create their own ABC game.  We have many games in the classroom, but the children asked to create their own.  We decided on a memory style game and have begun working to create it with our own materials.  Check it out!

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Visitors from MSHS

Week Without Walls is a big event with the older students here at TAS.  Apparently, there was a cancellation and some of the students were free to assist around the school.  Well, TAS Pre-K jumped at the opportunity to bring an older student into our classroom as a helper and a learning source.  Here are a few photographs of some of the activities they were involved in with the classroom.  The kids really enjoyed the visitors and asked for them to return in the future!

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Mingling with Grade 1A

One of the most important roles in a young child’s education is learning from other, older students.  These can be some of the best teaching moments a young student can have.  They look up to these older students and will model their behaviors, social traits and gain their knowledge.  It also gives the older students a great chance to hone their skills as well; being appropriate role models for the younger students.  Ms. Eli and her 1st grade class came over to share books and their time with us!  Take a look!

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Oh man!  Science Fair Day is complete!  What a great time!

The boys and girls in TAS Pre-K had a chance to learn a fancy trick.  We’ve been talking a lot about solids, liquids and gases over the last couple of weeks.  What they are, how they change, etc.  But here the students got to see first hand just what kind of crazy things one can expect from simple motions and elements.

Following the directions on the board, the children poured cream into a glass jar.  Together with their teacher and partner they shook-shook-shook the jar until their little arms couldn’t shake anymore.  As they shook they began to notice that the liquid wasn’t making a sound inside anymore.  So we popped the jar open and OOOOOOOOOH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!   It had turned into something else!  A SOLID!  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!

It took some convincing but eventually they were willing to taste it and, lo and behold, it was delicious!  Who would have thought shaking some milk would turn it into butter?  We popped it in the fridge and will eat it for snack on Monday!

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Swimming Class with Mr. Phu

Every Friday the boys and girls of TAS Pre-K have a chance to practice their swimming with Mr. Phu.  Mr. Conger can also appreciate a good swim and he gets in too!  Now that the kids have become such skilled paddlers we get to play around a lot more!  Awesome!

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Nursery Visit

We have begun inviting Nursery over to enjoy lessons with us now and again.  The two classes interacting and sharing time has so many benefits to the growth of their social education.  Here we are reading the book “Leave Me Alone”, one of their favorites.

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Mentos EXPLOSION!!! ……well, sorta.

A little Science fun that didn’t exactly go as planned….   🙂

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Professor Emily & the Magical Balloons!

Today Pre-K enjoyed our ECC Science Fair!  For a portion of the day the Pre-K class went upstairs to perform an experiment with “Professor” Emily.  Check it out!  They had a great time!

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Science Visit to Ms. Eli’s Class

The boys and girls of TAS Pre-K are in the middle of Science Fair week here on campus.  We will be holding the ECC Science Fair activities on Friday.  However, the classroom was invited to visit Grade 1A with Ms. Eli and see what they have been working on for their Science Fair project.  Check it out!  We had the opportunity to learn all about air pollution (i.e., smog, vehicle fumes, cigarettes, etc.) but also about how to avoid it, how to fix it and how to tell people about it .  Back in the Pre-K classroom we learned even more about air pollution.  The Pre-K boys and girls were excited to share with their parents about keeping the air and their bodies clean and healthy.  We thanked Ms. Eli for her classroom’s help by creating a big “Pre-K Thank You” card and delivering it to their classroom personally.  Take a look!

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“Crazy” Walk

Another portion of “Pre-K Day”…….     the Crazy Walk!

The other day I took the kids on what they called a “Crazy” Walk.  More or less, we went and explored a bunch of places around school and the nearby areas that they had NEVER seen, been or touched before.  A great big sensory and exploratory exercise essentially.

Well, they LOVED it enough to place it as the primary activity on their self-created schedule.  Here you can find some photos of us, well, everywhere they wanted to go.  Which, it turns out, is ALOT of places.  Aha!  It was a fun ride!  Check it out!

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