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Tug of War: The Sequel

The kids requested as their final morning activity of the year to play “TUG OF WAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!” (at least, that’s how they said it, aha!)

Here are some shots from the morning.



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Field Trip Day!

What a fun and exciting Wednesday!  We went on our 3rd field trip of the year and this time it was to Pendolasco!  The class was able to work side-by-side with their award-winning Italian chef!  WOW!  Together they each were able to create, bake and eat their very own pizza pie!  Afterwards we snuck across the street to see Aryan’s family’s Indian food spot!  So cool!

Attached you will also find a few pictures of the kids picking through all of our recycled paper to see which pieces they would like to use for art projects in their home.  We put the rest in boxes for future collages.

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Student Photos

Here are some photos taken by the students!

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Return of the Mouse

During our time in the computer lab the Pre-K boys and girls played a game that taught them how to better use the mouse.  Awesome!

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Painting Our ECC Assembly Canvas

The Pre-K class was assigned decoration duty for our ECC assembly.  The class decided to create a giant painting for the show!  Check out the creative process!

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Jump Arena

The boys and girls of Pre-K did a great job on their grade-level assessments for the upcoming TAS Report Card.  To reward them for all of their hard work this year, the teachers are taking them on two field trips this week!  Here are some photos from our first one at Jump Arena!  Good luck finding your student!  Was hard to take a photo of them that wasn’t a blur!  🙂

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Art Week – Giant Pre-K Canvas

It’s Art Week here at TAS!  Preschool has been assigned the awesome job of creating two giant pieces of art for outside our ECC assembly on Friday.  Here you can see the kids beginning to work on the first of them.  They decided to use crayons, markers and all types of other writing tools on this particular canvas.  The next canvas they said they wanted to use paint.  If they used paint on this one it would cover up all of their colored pencil art.  Good thinking Pre-K!

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Lessons in Rhino Communication

We had a rather strange visitor the other day…


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Randomness in Pre-K Photographs

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Garden Estimation & Measurement

Our Pre-K Garden has been growing for 2 weeks now.  The students decided we should go and check on our plants so we walked over after our Morning Share.  It seemed a good idea to bring some paper so we could draw our new plants.  The students grabbed their clipboards and away we went.

When we got there the students discovered the plants hadn’t really grown at all.  Only one type of plant was doing much of anything, so we drew pictures of it.  The signs in our garden had been washed over so we didn’t know what it was.  We asked around the high school campus but no one could tell us.  The students thought we could check the library for information but even they didn’t have a book that would help us.

Eventually the class decided to try and use the computer, so we “googled” it.  We looked at all the different plants we had buried in our garden but the only one that matched our pictures was the cantaloupe!  So we have a garden of cantaloupes!


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