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“This is Us” Quilt

Pre-K is creating a new group art piece called a “This is Us” quilt.  Each student is creating their own individual square symbolizing themselves.  Inside the student has been asked to create a visual for who they are and what makes them special.  We will continue to work on the frame of the picture tomorrow.  Once each square is complete, the class will stitch them together to form a cohesive image.  It’s a metaphor they can grasp that we are each our own person, but together, we form the Pre-K Team!  The finished product will be displayed on the outside bulletin board downstairs across from Ms. Ngoc’s office.

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“This is Me” Boards & Camera Helper

Greetings!  Thanks for sending the “This is Me” homework back to school!  Three of the boys and girls shared their boards with us this morning.  Part of the “Who We Are” unit is learning how to use “me”, “I”, “us” and other self-related words in their correct context in descriptive sentences.  The class listened while their friends described “This is my….”, “I want to be…..”, “I like to…..”, etc.  Once each student had shared their “This is Me” board with the class the teachers quizzed the class on their knowledge with a choral group talk.  The class did a great job of listening during their friend’s presentations and were able to answer the questions correctly.  Yah!  We place the boards outside the classroom the rest of the day for other boys and girls in the school to learn about our class students.    ***Attached a few of today’s “Camera Helper” photos on the blog as well.***


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Camera Helper

Here in Pre-K the children have different “Pre-K Jobs” that are their responsibility each and every day.  One of these jobs is the position of “Camera Helper.”  The responsibility of that student is to snap 5-10 pictures a day of their classroom activities.  Take a look and see what you think!

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Clay Expression

Hello!  A recent table during our Center Time was occupied with modeling clay.  Some of the children donned their art shirts and created some interesting items.  Take a look!

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Water Play Area

Hello!  Welcome to our new Water Play Area!  The students were just recently introduced to this area.  We have set it up outside on the porch to give them a chance to experiment in a place without fear of being messy.  This area is equipped with all types of fun stuff that can be used to experiment and manipulate liquids.  The class will have access to buckets, funnels, tubes, corner-pipes, bottles, jugs, bags, scoops and many more at this point in time.  As the year progresses, the idea is the students will reach the boundaries of what they can do with these materials and then expand beyond it.  Whether that be using their own imaginations or requesting for different materials they come up with to continue their experiments.  Here are some pictures of what they’ve been getting into so far.  As you can see they’re having a great time with it and have already started with the ideas by creating strange pathways and avenues for the water to travel!  Some of them had the great idea of coloring the water so they can mix it into different types of shades and colors!  WOW!

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The Hungry Caterpillar

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Who Am I In My Dreams?

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Pre-K: The Beginning

Welcome to the first blog of the new Pre-K year!

Starting a new school year is always an adjustment, especially for young students.  It’s for this reason that our primary focus has been attaining a high level of comfort and familiarity with their new lives in Pre-K.  This includes becoming familiar with all of their new classmates, new teachers, classroom materials, daily procedures, rules of the school and even the school itself.

We have been introducing more and more structure into the daily lives of the students as time has gone on.  We now have a student-created Rules for the Classroom as well as a student-created Morning Work routine.  The way we created these was by sitting down and just speaking about our feelings.  What did we like about our new classroom?  What didn’t we like?  What could we do to make it better?  Less boring?  Less Crazy?  If students were unable to express their feelings through words, then we had picture cards ready to show different things they could approve or dislike.

I will go into detail about different individual routines of the school day in future posts for those of you who do not have continuous access to your children.  For those that do, I would suggest speaking to your child about their day on a specific basis.  “What is your Morning Work?” and “What book did Mr. Conger read to you this morning?” are good questions to propose to your child.

Keep an eye out for future postings!



Mr. Conger

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Science Fair

PreK has been very busy getting ready preparing for the Science Fair! We looked at what different drinks do to your teeth and how they can stain them. We used hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth and then put them in coffee, grape juice, coke, and water. We made predictions about what we thought would happen to the eggs. After we took them out we brushed them to see how brushing helps our teeth helps but also that once they are stained it is very hard to get them clean again.

We also had a great time looking at everyone else’s science fair projects!


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