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A Day in the Life!

Hello!  Here are some photos of various adventures we had last week!

  • Computer Class with Mr. Jacob
  • Creating our Alphabet Book
  • Playtime in the classroom
  • Swimming Class with Mr. Phu

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Bubble Art with Ms. Nicole!

Today we took a visit to Ms. Nicole’s classroom at the very top of the ES building!  Wow!  What an awesome time we had learning how to create Bubble Art!  The Pre-K class behaved appropriately and listened well while Ms. Nicole showed us how to safely blow bubbles into our paint buckets.  Once the role-modeling was complete, each student was able to make their very own bubble art.  Later in the day we made them into a book and took them home to share with our friends and family!

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All About that Butter!

Check it out!  Remember the butter we created for our Science Fair experiment?  Well, it’s been in the fridge long enough and now the students can taste their creations!  They started out a bit hesitant (not much faith in their cooking abilities perhaps?  aha)  but were very quickly covered in butter.  We used some baguettes to dip in the butter, but as you can see, fingers and hands work SO much better!    🙂

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Reading Buddies

Interaction with other age groups is important for the social development of a young learner.  On this day the TAS Preschoolers visited Ms. Emma Rackmil’s classroom in the ES building.  We spent the period reading books they had picked out specifically for us!  It was a great time and the students all read together with patience and were courteous of their differences.    🙂

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Visiting the Garden

The MSHS students built the ECC classrooms their own special garden!  We crossed the street to check it out and were very excited when we saw it!

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Classroom Play

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Student Documented Play

Hello!  This weekend Ms. Lovely and I went to professional development seminar that continued to enforce on us how important play is inside the classroom.  For this age group, play IS the educational process, for sure.  Take a look at some of the student photo documentation during today’s class time!  Special thanks to the children who decided to help with the camera!

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