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“Crazy” Walk

Another portion of “Pre-K Day”…….     the Crazy Walk!

The other day I took the kids on what they called a “Crazy” Walk.  More or less, we went and explored a bunch of places around school and the nearby areas that they had NEVER seen, been or touched before.  A great big sensory and exploratory exercise essentially.

Well, they LOVED it enough to place it as the primary activity on their self-created schedule.  Here you can find some photos of us, well, everywhere they wanted to go.  Which, it turns out, is ALOT of places.  Aha!  It was a fun ride!  Check it out!

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Pre-K Photo Shoot

Today was “Pre-K Day”.  Basically, what that means, is that the students sat down at the beginning of the day and created their own daily schedule.  With the exception of mandatory things like snack and Ms. Mia time, etc. they were asked to construct their own daily routine.

Well, as you can possibly imagine….   this was not the typical schedule.  🙂  One portion of the schedule they made?

Photo shoot!

So, here are the results of their self-created photo shoot and the poses they came up with.  Crazy times!  Oh, and Ms. Loan and I were given strict instructions to NOT APPEAR in the photo shoot.   (how dare…..)       😉    But we were told to hold the cameras and stand on chairs for different angles.  Basically, glorified cameramen.  Aha!

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Writing Pride!

The boys and girls here in Pre-K are super proud of their Writing Skills!  Every morning they complete three sentences in their Writing Journals.  They often ask to pick the sentence and they come up with some very “interesting” choices.  Today’s choice?  “Batman eats worms.”


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The Many Methods of Mathematics

Greetings!  Pre-K has been focusing a lot on building up our Mathematics before we head off to the magical land of Kindergarten.  While we have been doing this all year, we are bringing it to their attention in less of an abstract form (manipulatives, physical movements, etc.) at this point in time.  To do this we created our own personal number lines using pink paper and our own prior knowledge of the numbers 1-15.

Together as a class we learned how to use the number line to track the addition and subtraction of numbers based off of their position on our number line.  We did this first by watching the teacher.  Next we worked together as a class.  After, we did some individual work in front of the class.  Once these steps were completed, the class paired up into partners and began creating AND solving their SELF-CREATED mathematical problems.  Some of them even began throwing in the ‘greater than’ ‘less than’ signs we began learning in the last couple of weeks.  Some of them may just speak to you about that by calling it ‘the mouth’ that eats the bigger numbers.

We also explored how to use our very own classroom carpet for this exercise, using it to jump along while we counted up and down.  Take a look.  (apologies for the lack of photos during this lesson.  we had a WASC visitor come in midway and it threw things off a bit)



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Stretching The Imagination

There is a common misconception that children have a naturally vivid imagination NO MATTER WHAT they do with their time.  Well, unfortunately, that is not quite true.  Your imagination (like any other part of your body) requires stretching and practicing and challenging it to make it bigger, better, stronger and faster.  There are so many great electronic technologies out there that can help teach and improve a young mind, i.e – iPads, computers, etc.  However, many of those same technologies also lay out plans for the watcher, or provide multiple choice answers, don’t give enough freedom of choice, etc.  The beauty of the blank piece of paper and what it can become is getting lost in the shuffle.  This activity is an example of how we are trying to flex and poke and prod into the imaginative creativity of our classroom’s students.

Each Pre-K student was given a box.  A simple, brown cardboard box.  Nothing more, nothing less.  They were given very little instruction outside of the time they had to work on it (about 90 minutes over the course of 3 days) and that they would only be provided with ONE (so no take-backs or do-overs).  This caused a fair amount of confusion with a few students.  “What do you want me to do?”  “What should I do?”  “I don’t know what to do!”  Questions and statements seeking a direction or a command of some type; an escape from the responsibility of using their imagination.  With patience and understanding, we (teachers) continued to explain they could do ANYTHING!  Anything their hearts desired!  Gradually the students began to understand and then suddenly BOOM!  Creativity started flying everywhere!  We had homes that were also cars, and cars that were also robots…   dinosaurs and princess hangouts….  a table for their friends and a place to hide from their Moms & Dads…..   a barber shop, a bus, a plane, a submarine….   !!!  The ideas went back and forth, each student helping and contributing on not just their project but others.  The English language was flying around the room just as much as the yarn, markers and glitter.  Discussions involving Math, Science, social connections, etc.  At the end of the day they may have enjoyed this more than anything we’ve done so far.

So, next time you go to hand your young student an iPad or set them in front of a TV…   consider a cardboard box instead.



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