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Learning & Re-Teaching to Friends / Journal Writing

on January 26, 2018

Believe it or not we are STILL opening new education tools from our Lakeshore order earlier this year  (SO MANY GREAT EXPERIENCES).  This week we’ve been learning how to use three new learning sets.  The first is our “Three Little Pigs” Maze.  The children can either free-play with the enclosed items, or set up elaborate mazes / houses based on cards that come inside.  There is also the “Goldilocks” game which deals with building and creating different types of furniture.  The kids are able to test the weight and tensile strength of different objects!  Really a very cool learning opportunity for them.  We also have a new memory / organization game that involves insects & spiders.  You can see Tom working to organize some of it down below.  Last but not least, there are some photos from our journal time in the morning.  The children use their hand-eye coordination and writing skills to copy a phrase from the board after their morning work is finished.  Each student is assisted as they need it during this time:  working to stay in the lines, create correct forms for their letters and use a comfortable & successful grip-style.



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