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What is this? “X-Ray

on January 22, 2018

During the 2nd semester we here in TAS Preschool will be working to improve upon the English language base we began building in semester 1.  We have a wide-range of language abilities in the classroom; ranging from fluent, native English speakers to 1st time English speakers.  This type of distance between the ranges means that an open-discussion or investigation activity will allow all of the children to speak if they feel comfortable or observe when they are not.

One of these such activities will be titled “What is this?”

“What is this?” will revolve around the teachers presenting the children with an object, photograph or thing they may not all be familiar with.  We will then speak about and observe whatever this thing is, listening and learning together.  This week we began the activity with Ms. Emily’s MRI scans, which we called X-Rays.  The kids curiosity was peaked after they realized how much different they looked in the Sun.  Take a look at some of the kids conversing about the images.

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