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Updated Morning Routine

on December 6, 2017

The Pre-K boys and girls are beginning to add more steps and expectations to their classroom routines.  Developing independence and responsibility is a focus point for our students right now.  It is for this reason we have now expanded our Morning Work Routine to feature 4 to 7 different and new steps to follow.  We took picture of these steps this morning.  First, everyone must come in and handle their bags, bathroom and water needs.  After this, the teacher quickly role-models the procedures for the morning.  Second, they find a friend to switch their laminated Morning Work with and complete it.  Third, students come to the tiny teacher table and take a worksheet (different every day) to complete on the floor with help (if needed) from their friends and teachers.  The fourth step varies from day to day.  Today for instance the students created two pieces of Christmas art:  Santa face and “My Name” Snowman.  Other days there are multiple centers or creative activities to choose from.  This is done independently and without the direction of the teacher (unless requested by a student).  When the Morning Work Routine is complete, the children are welcome to continue creating in the Art Center, read Mr. Panda books or choose a game to enjoy.  This process usually absorbs the first 45 minutes of the day which means for almost an hour the students are doing anything and everything based on their own knowledge, memory and effort.  This allows the teachers to help individual students who are struggling on their own or lets the teacher assess and monitor progress.  It’s already showing great benefits!

Will also attach some photos from our surprise visit from the Christmas Elves!!!


(***You can check out the art we created today hanging outside the front of the school or on our classroom bulletin boards***)




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