Where Children Play to Learn


on November 22, 2017

The boys and girls here in TAS Preschool have been in school for going on five months now.  At this point the students are well-versed in our classroom procedures and often choose / arrange the areas based on how they feel that day.  The teachers will provide them with multiple options but it is up to them to decide where and when they will do the activities.  For this Centers Play they chose a puzzle, two number/letter games from our new Lakeshore order and Free Play in the Art Center.  Each group stuck together in one center and rotated to the next one at the sound of the timer.  It went really well!  Check it out!

Also at the end are photos of us enjoying the book “Five Little Monkeys”.  They have a great time when they read this book because during certain portions I (Daddy Monkey) leave the room and they (Little Monkeys) get to go ballistic until I return to tell them “Stop jumping on the bed you crazy monkeys!  Go to sleep!”  When that happens they all fall over immediately and pretend to be asleep.  They have a blast!


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