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The boys and girls here in TAS Preschool have been in school for going on five months now.  At this point the students are well-versed in our classroom procedures and often choose / arrange the areas based on how they feel that day.  The teachers will provide them with multiple options but it is up to them to decide where and when they will do the activities.  For this Centers Play they chose a puzzle, two number/letter games from our new Lakeshore order and Free Play in the Art Center.  Each group stuck together in one center and rotated to the next one at the sound of the timer.  It went really well!  Check it out!

Also at the end are photos of us enjoying the book “Five Little Monkeys”.  They have a great time when they read this book because during certain portions I (Daddy Monkey) leave the room and they (Little Monkeys) get to go ballistic until I return to tell them “Stop jumping on the bed you crazy monkeys!  Go to sleep!”  When that happens they all fall over immediately and pretend to be asleep.  They have a blast!


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New Experiment!

Our old friend Dr. Dave sent us an e-mail to ask if we wanted to come over to the big school and do an experiment with him!  Well, OF COURSE we will!

The class took a stroll across the street to building 4 and Dr. Dave led us in an experiment to create Non-Newtonian Fluid.  What crazy and strange stuff it was.  He did a great job of showing us the set-up and materials first, letting us inquire amongst ourselves…..AND THEN we got to make a MESS!  HA!  Science can be sooooo much fun!



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Materials + Interactions = Learning Opportunities


TAS Preschool is really excited because we recently received a new shipment of classroom materials.  This order was placed last year and organized by our ECC Coordinator Ms. Emily.  We now have SO MANY new classroom materials to explore and enjoy.  With this age ‘play’ is the most important learning experience of all.  Playing together provides the students opportunities to learn things with their classmates they would never have by a chance to learn by themselves, sitting in a desk, doing a worksheet, etc.  Just check out the communication going on between the different class members!  Each one is engaged and involved with another member of class or a learning tool at all times.  These are maybe my favorite pictures we’ve taken so far.  You can really see the shift in classroom environment when looking back at photos from the beginning of the year.  The energy, familiarity and cohesion of the students is on full display.


Oh, and we’re all in our pajamas.  HA!  So funny!


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6th Grade Visit

Ms. Aubrey’s 6th grade class came to visit us in our room today for Reading Month.  We partnered up with the older kids and shared our books from Mr. Panda’s Library!  Take a look!

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Reading Buddies & Emergent Writing

The boys and girls of TAS Preschool have had a fun beginning to the week.  As part of our Reading Month activities we received a visit from Ms. Corie’s class.  They paired up with our students to read and enjoy some of our classroom books.  We made sure to record this reading time in our Reading Month Log (forms to contribute to the fundraising have been sent home) so we can win the reading contest!  The following photos also show some of the emergent writing that we are seeing here in TAS Pre-K.  The students are beginning to include more letters, numbers or attempts at either/or in their art.  This is a great step in the right direction!  Keep it up!

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Morning Routine

Hey there!  The TAS Pre-K class has an established and well-practiced morning routine.  It assists the students in taking control of their daily life and provides them with a greater sense of independence.  The following pictures display them moving through the first 30 minutes of Friday the 10th of November.  The first photographs show some students leading their class in a morning “Sing & Dance.”  This is followed by photos of students helping one another complete their new Morning Work.  The new Morning Work is quite difficult and some of the children will pair up or assist others in it’s completion.  This is a great learning experience on so many levels:  Math, sharing, friendship, empathy, courtesy, etc.  Upon completion of their Morning Work they were able to move to our new Puzzle Center area!  Here they worked together to complete some new, large puzzles we received in our most recent order from Lakeshore!  Check them out!  Mixed in amongst all of these are more photos taken by our amateur camera helpers!  Can you pick which one is which?

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Morning Work & Reading Month Art

The boys and girls here in TAS Preschool have had a very busy week so far.  We took all the art off our bulletin boards before Parent Conferences so the walls have been empty for a few days.  It was a great opportunity to use our new “Reading Month Books” as a catalyst to create some new art for our classroom!  Read the captions that go along with the cover and art projects to understand why and how we made what we did!  In the photos below you can also find the students working together in teams to understand and complete their new Morning Work.  The new Morning Work, as we discussed in the Parent Conferences, will be of a higher level than previous postings.  It will challenge and push all the members of TAS Preschool to do their best.  Take a look!


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Bit of This & That


Wow, it has been just a BIT crazy here in Pre-K the last week or so.  The combination of the children adjusting back to school-life with the growing excitement for Halloween was a potent mix!  Somewhere in all that we still managed to get a lot of fun things done.  I’m going to post a large mixture of photographs here from various moments in the last week.  Some of what you will see is…

  • Our new and more difficult Morning Work (revolves around the #’s 1-15)
  • Experimenting with our new magnifying glasses
  • Creating art with new more imagination-challenging materials
  • Working on our multi-education center transition procedures
  • Random class fun
  • Student-taken photographs
  • Writing Practice


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