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Face Collage

on October 8, 2017

The students here in TAS Preschool class have been learning all about their bodies.  Heads, arms, legs, OH MY!  One of the primary focuses has been teaching the children about their face.  Not only the different names for each part (nose, eyes, mouth, etc.) but also the numbers relating to each one (two eyes, two ears, one nose, etc.).  Even beyond that they’ve been learning together through play and art that changing the appearance of these different parts conveys their internal emotions.  The subtle downturn or upturn of an eyebrow, for instance, completely changes the body language they are presenting.

Exploring this area gives interesting opportunities in the Art realm.  One of our activities, you can see in the pictures below, was creating a Face Collage using the different magazines we had collected from our class parents (THANK YOU!!!).  The kids took a little bit to get the hang of it, but once they got into the groove and their creativity started taking hold, they came up with some really incredible pieces of art!  WOW!  After finishing up we spoke to the class about our art and we talked together about how we felt each picture was “feeling.”  For those without the language to express this, we had visual cue cards handy for them to participate with.

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