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Centers Play

Today we decided to combine many of our previous activities into one large experience.  Now that the students are familiar with the procedures involved in each different activity, the teachers were able to stand back, observe and record their experiences.  This is incredibly beneficial because it lets the teacher be more involved in documenting their progress and current abilities.  Each child was given a color (4 colors total amongst all) and this signified their group.  Each group was assigned an initial center, and at the conclusion of the 7 minute timer, each group would rotate to the next center for their color.  The students managed this wonderfully!  We were so proud of how smoothly their transition periods were and also how they came together at the end to clean-up each center appropriately.  Great job Pre-K!



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New Outside Play Area

Here in ECC we believe and work under the idea that play is the focus for a child’s learning experience.  For these reasons we have re-vamped the outside play area.  The sand-pit has been stocked with new and different tools for the children to explore.  More open-ended tools such as PVC pipe, rope and buckets have been added which allows the children to use more of their imagination and creativity during play.  Even the playground sets themselves have been de-constructed and laid out in strange new ways to instigate foreign play experiences.  A beanbag toss has been placed to the side and a kitchen/family set-up has replaced the old “snack-time” table area that was used by the food service staff.  Soon we will have a “musical net” full of different items for the children to experiment with sound and vibration.  Enough talking though, just take a look at how much fun they’re having in these photos.  Check out the interactions going on between them and their environment, them and their friends in class and now, especially, the interactions with members of other classrooms!  Wonderful!


***Also attached, Ben’s “This is Me” presentation***



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“Who We Are” Take-Home Folders & Randomness

Hello there!  We’ve finished up our first unit “Who We Are.”  The students spent part of Friday morning creating a take-home folder to carry all of their art work, essential questions and various other classroom art.  Hopefully all the folders made it home and into your hands!  Here are some photos of the class preparing the folders.  Also, I’ve attached some random photos from classroom life.  Enjoy!

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Dr. Dave: Magic Eyes and Exploring New Things

The class returned to the surreal scientific guru who is Dr. Dave this week!  In line with our unit Who We Are and segwaying into our upcoming unit 5 Senses we explored different things dealing with our eyes.  The kids were able to check out pictures that can be two or three different pictures at once!  Also, there are pictures that will “move” before your very eyes depending on how you look at them.  There’s also different ways to “expand” your vision capabilities that we began checking out, like magnifying glasses and different colored lenses.  I’ll save my words and just let you check out the photos from the lesson and the looks in the children’s faces!

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Face Collage

The students here in TAS Preschool class have been learning all about their bodies.  Heads, arms, legs, OH MY!  One of the primary focuses has been teaching the children about their face.  Not only the different names for each part (nose, eyes, mouth, etc.) but also the numbers relating to each one (two eyes, two ears, one nose, etc.).  Even beyond that they’ve been learning together through play and art that changing the appearance of these different parts conveys their internal emotions.  The subtle downturn or upturn of an eyebrow, for instance, completely changes the body language they are presenting.

Exploring this area gives interesting opportunities in the Art realm.  One of our activities, you can see in the pictures below, was creating a Face Collage using the different magazines we had collected from our class parents (THANK YOU!!!).  The kids took a little bit to get the hang of it, but once they got into the groove and their creativity started taking hold, they came up with some really incredible pieces of art!  WOW!  After finishing up we spoke to the class about our art and we talked together about how we felt each picture was “feeling.”  For those without the language to express this, we had visual cue cards handy for them to participate with.

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