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Experiments with Dr. Dave!

on September 28, 2017

Wow!  What a fun experience the Pre-K boys and girls had today!

Yesterday the Pre-K class watched a movie where Mr. Conger and Ms. Loan walked over to the HS to find our secret friend.  We left a trail of “breadcrumbs” in the movie on how to find him.  Eventually it was revealed to be our new teacher friend Dr. Dave the Science Teacher!  Dr. Dave invited us to his class on Thursday (today).

So today the boys and girls used their memories to find him over at the HS.  Dr. Dave let us come inside his Science Laboratory and see his skeleton and magic blue liquid!  Woh!  For the first Science Experiment with Dr. Dave he taught us about static electricity.  Dr. Dave (with his assistant Mr. Conger) showed the children that if you rub, rub, rub two objects together they will get hotter……   MAYBE even too hot to touch!  Plus, if you do this with a balloon…..    WOOOOOOOOOOH!  It will STICK TO YOUR HEAD!  You can even use the static on the balloon to pick up your friends hair, paper off the floor and other crazy stuff.  Man, the Pre-K boys and girls had such a fun time discovery new Science and did a great job walking quietly into the big boy’s and girl’s school.   (***couple videos in the most recent parent e-mail***)


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