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“How Many?” Tug-of-War

on September 27, 2017

Learning how to use and respond to the phrase “How many?” is a key development point in the educational progress of a young learner.  It ties into Math, English language, Science, sharing, play and so much more.  For the purpose of our “Who We Are” unit, it is essential because when the children want to inquire about their friends or teachers “How many….?” is a phrase that is used over and over again.  The TAS boys and girls are learning and refining their use of this phrase today through a game of Tug-of-War.

We began the lesson by introducing the song “How many?  How many?  How many do we need?”  We used this song when speaking about how many boys and girls would be needed for the student’s side of the rope.  We used a whiteboard to fill in how many boys and girls they thought would be needed to beat Mr. Conger.  We also colored in circles to represent the numbers, drew pictures of the people and wrote the numeral itself.  The class decided they would need 8 members to win the game.

Once we began to play we would say the phrase before each round and use the board to track how many students were needed.  Eventually, we passed 8 and the game continued!  Take a look at the video (***sent to you in a Pre-K parent e-mail today***) to see HOW MANY students were needed!  The kids would love to share this video with you at home, I’m sure.


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