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Experiment #1: Mentos & Drinks

on September 22, 2017

The boys and girls of Pre-K participated in their first organized experiment today.  Yes, we have had experiments in class many times (water play, clay play, etc.), but this is the first one we used the scientific method to approach the question.  Together we asked ourselves “Will Mentos change drinks?”  Next we decided that we would use water, milk and (with minimal teacher “nudging”) Coke as the experimental drinks.  We filled different containers with milk / water and Mr. Conger purchased some Coke across the street.  The class took the containers outside next to the pool in case things became messy.  We used a white board to keep track of our information, which included estimates about what would happen.  Then, one by one the students came to try dropping one candy at a time into the drinks.  With each candy drop we logged the results.  The water and milk resulted in nothing happening, but some of the students had predicted that, so we circled it to mean “successful prediction.”  We received quite the show when we dropped the Mentos into the Coke!!!  What a crazy moment!!!  The kids loved it and we recorded our results on the board.  Stay tuned for the next experiment.

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