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Pre-K: The Beginning

Welcome to the first blog of the new Pre-K year!

Starting a new school year is always an adjustment, especially for young students.  It’s for this reason that our primary focus has been attaining a high level of comfort and familiarity with their new lives in Pre-K.  This includes becoming familiar with all of their new classmates, new teachers, classroom materials, daily procedures, rules of the school and even the school itself.

We have been introducing more and more structure into the daily lives of the students as time has gone on.  We now have a student-created Rules for the Classroom as well as a student-created Morning Work routine.  The way we created these was by sitting down and just speaking about our feelings.  What did we like about our new classroom?  What didn’t we like?  What could we do to make it better?  Less boring?  Less Crazy?  If students were unable to express their feelings through words, then we had picture cards ready to show different things they could approve or dislike.

I will go into detail about different individual routines of the school day in future posts for those of you who do not have continuous access to your children.  For those that do, I would suggest speaking to your child about their day on a specific basis.  “What is your Morning Work?” and “What book did Mr. Conger read to you this morning?” are good questions to propose to your child.

Keep an eye out for future postings!



Mr. Conger

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