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Science Fair

PreK has been very busy getting ready preparing for the Science Fair! We looked at what different drinks do to your teeth and how they can stain them. We used hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth and then put them in coffee, grape juice, coke, and water. We made predictions about what we thought would happen to the eggs. After we took them out we brushed them to see how brushing helps our teeth helps but also that once they are stained it is very hard to get them clean again.

We also had a great time looking at everyone else’s science fair projects!


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Dentist and more

Congratulations Anais on getting Student of the Month this month for Courage!

We have finished up our group 3 of phonics with the letters f and b this week. We will be starting on the last little bits of our phonics letters next week.

We were very lucky to get to go to Starlight Dentist this week. We got to learn all about how to keep our teach clean and the dentist even took a look at our teeth for us! We started a science an egg-citing science experiment to look at what happens to our teach when we drink Coke, coffee, juice, and water. We will check on our eggs on Monday and see what they look like. Today we made predictions about what we thought would happen to the eggs over the weekend.

We are working on our numbers past 10 and learning how to order them and work together as a group to put them in the right order.

Next week we go to the trampoline park! Don’t forget your grip socks!

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