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Week 21!-Happy Valentine’s Day and International Read Aloud Day!

First off Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

We had an event filled week this week at TAS. We had Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and International Read Aloud Day on Thursday. We were very lucky to be able to have Ms Colleen’s grade 2 class come in and read to us. We also had a special guest reader, who turned out to be Mr. Garth! We had so much fun reading with gr 2 and being read to by Mr Garth. We sat and listened very well and then discussed whether we thought the books were fantasy or fact.

In math we are learning beyond 10 and focused on the numbers 11 and 12 this week. We learned how to count to 11 and 12 and learned (and practiced) that 11 is 10 plus 1 more and 12 is 10 plus 2 more. We also finished off our shapes unit by making beautiful shapes gardens.

In language arts we continue to review the letters we learned. We have been playing a game where Ms Emma calls out a letter, we write it on our boards, hide it, and on the count of 3 show our boards to see who got it right. We have also been working on the letter ‘L’. How to write it. How to identify it written different ways. The sound that it makes and different “l” words.

In Science class we are continuing with our Dental health unit. We have started a “Our Teeth Book” where we are learning how to take care of our teeth. We also read Topsy and Tim Go To the Dentist to learn what happens at a dentist office.

In Social Studies we are working on our “All About Me” books and continuing to discuss the difference about fact and fantasy and that for our “All About Me” book we want to make sure we’re writing down facts.

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Week 20

Welcome back after Tet break!!

PreK spent this week adjusting to being back at school after having two long breaks back-to-back. We reviewed the letters we have learned so far as well as learned a new one; letter U. We learned letter ‘u’ words, how to find the letter ‘u’ and words that start with letter ‘u’, as well as what sound it makes and how to remember what sound it makes. We also got some practice writing letter ‘u’!

In Social Studies we are doing an “All About Me” unit. Learning to draw pictures of ourselves (as though we’re looking in a mirror) and talking about our family as well as our likes and dislikes. We will also be incorporating this into talking about fantasy vs fact.

In Science class we have started our unit for the Science Fair that is on March 10th. PreK is looking at Dental Health for the Science Fair. This week we talked about what a scientist is in anticipation of doing our experiments for the Science Fair.

In math class we are starting to wrap up our shapes unit and reviewed the numbers 1 to 10 with a game of bingo! Everyone did very well!

We are continuing to do our stations (fine motor, language arts, math, and reading) and are getting very good at cleaning up and waiting where we are when the buzzer goes.

Welcome Back PreK!


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Flag making, South Africa, and International Day

We had a great time learning all about South Africa. We learned about the weather, animals, landscape, fruit and more! We did our first group work making flags and did very well. Later we got to present our flags and tell the class what we put on them and why.

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Tet assembly and water puppet show!

We had so much fun watching the water puppet show and performing at the Tet assembly! We impressed everyone with our singing and ao dai. We were so good that Ms Tam gave us a pizza party!

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Christmas time!

Lots of Christmas fun!



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