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Week 7

Last week Prek finished their first phonics group! They learned the letter p and the letter n. We are still practicing knowing the difference between the name of the letter and the sound it makes. We have also been doing more reading, both to our self and with a friend.

We have also been working on counting a group of objects and knowing that the last number we say is how many there are. On Friday we made a number 4 collage. We started by colouring the number 4. After we picked 4 items we wanted to use and got 4 of them to glue on. All our collages looked great!


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Moon Festival!

It was a busy week preparing and practicing for the Moon Festival in Prek last week!

The festival was amazing and every one looked very good in their outfits! PreK did very well on their dance and looked great doing it! After all the presentation we were very lucky and got to watch a dragon dance!

Even though we had increased practice time for the Moon Festival we still had to do some work in class! In Language Arts class we practiced the letter ‘t’ and learned the letter ‘i’. We practiced writing them, finding words that start with those letters, saying them, and colouring them!

In math class we were focusing on the numbers 5-10. Counting them and recognizing them as well as one-to-one correspondence.

In our journals we wrote and drew about the Moon Festival and what we were excited about for the Moon Festival!

This week it’s back to work!

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Reading Week

We had an exciting Reading Week last week!


In Language arts class we practiced our ‘s’ and ‘a’ words as well as our fine motor skills and writing our names. We also practiced listening to reading, reading to ourselves, and reading by looking at pictures. Also, we had some visitors to our class for Read-Aloud Day! Thank you Ms. Aubrey’s class for taking the time to come and read to us! As a class we read for a total of 75 minutes last week!

In math class we continued to work on recognizing the numbers 1-10 as well as understanding one-to-one correspondence. As a class we played a game where we had to build a tower based on the number that was showed on the spinner on the board. We were practicing understanding that the last number we counted to while counting the blocks was the number of blocks in our tower.

In Science class we are starting to learn the difference between living and non-living things! We are learning that living things: grow, breath, and eat.

For Social Studies we have been working in our journals and trying to learn about writing/drawing our own things and having our own ideas.

It was also Ms. Thy’s birthday this week!! Congratulations Ms Thy!!


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PreK, Prek, Prek

After some technically difficulties the PreK blog is back in business!

We have had a busy August!

In Language Arts we have started our Phonics unit. So Far we have learned the sounds the letters, ‘s’, ‘a’, and ‘t’ make as well as how to write them and find them in a story. We continue to practice writing and recognizing our names as well as working on our fine motor skills and control of ┬ápencils, crayons, markers, and scissors. In addition to this we are working on matching lower and upper case letters and identifying all letters of the alphabet.

In Math class we have been concentrating on the numbers 1-10 and one-to-one correspondence. When we count objects we have been practicing touching the object as we say the number and then matching that number of objects to the written number. We have also practiced identifying the numbers 1-10 even when they are out of order.

In Science class we have started to learn about non-living vs living things and the characteristics of a living thing. We have been talking about different items and trying to figure out if they are alive or not.

In Social Studies we have been working on expected classroom behaviour as well as classroom routines.

We also welcomed a new student to our class this week; welcome to Prek Renae!

Next week is Reading Week!! On Monday come dressed as your favourite Dr. Seuss Character!


**Still having issues uploading pictures. Please stay tuned

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