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A short week

We had a short week this week but still worked hard! In language arts this week we reviewed our sight words and learned some ways to remember the difference between “my” and “me”. We also worked in our journals and read “The Lorax” together! After reading “The Lorax” we talked about pollution and taking care of the Earth.

In math class this week we spent some more time working with, and completing patterns.

On Friday, for Earth Day, we talked about why it’s important to take care of the Earth and what happens when we don’t. To reinforce this, and as an Earth Day treat, we watched the movie “The Lorax” during last period.



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Heartbeat Vietnam Week, Ngoc and Zen’s Birthday, and so much more!

Pre-K has been very busy the past couple of weeks! In Science class we have been studying dental health. We did a number of science experiments that highlighted what happens to our teeth when we eat bad foods and don’t take care of them. We practiced making educated guesses as to what we thought would happen in the experiments and then got to see the results. For one of the experiments we put hard boiled, white, eggs in coke, coffee, milk and water to see what happens to our teeth when we drink those beverages. Another experiment involved putting a small hole in an apple to see what happens to a tooth when we have a cavity. We showed off our science experiment findings at the science fair! We also got to go on a trip to the dentist where we learned all about what a dentist does!

In math class we finished off our preposition words by doing an obstacle course, where we had to follow directions that used position words, and also by following, and then making our own, treasure maps. Now we are practicing patterns and matching attributes of different objects!

For language arts class we are learning our sight words, and doing an amazing job! We have almost learned all our sight words and now get to practice reading and writing them. We are even starting to make sentences! We also spent a little bit of time reviewing our alphabet and letter sounds to make sure we remembered all of them.

We are doing community helpers in Social Studies class and have talked about firefighters, dentists, and doctors. During Heartbeat Vietnam week we also talked a lot about charity and helping others.

There have been two birthdays that we celebrated; Ngoc and Zen’s!

Next week we have a short week and it’s Earth Day! To help celebrate Earth Day we are going to learn about ways we can help the planet! We are also going to watch the movie “Wall-E” on Friday (Earth Day) to help teach us these concepts as well.

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