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Week 25! Happy Birthday Ms Emma

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and gifts! I had a great day and we had fun eating pizza and watching the movie!

This week we started to work on our days of the week as well as using the words “today, yesterday, and tomorrow”. We also practiced writing our letter ‘a’ sight words as well as remembering them while playing a memory, matching game.

In math class we continued to talk about the different characteristics of shapes as well as practiced sorting irregular shapes. We also started a new unit on prepositions and positional words. We played a game of “Simon Says” using our pillows to practice identifying different positional words and what they mean.

We have also started to talk about community helpers. We worked in our journals and wrote about what we would like to do when we grow up. We also started to learn about firefighters, what they do, and what equipment they use.


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Week 24! Eclipse!

On Wednesday this week we were very lucky and got to go see the partial eclipse! We looked through a long box to see that the sun looked like a smile because part of it was blocked by the moon.

This week we started learning our letter ‘a’ sight words. We practiced ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘at’, ‘and’, ‘am’, and ‘are’. We still have more work to do remembering them, and learning how to write words, but we are working hard! We also practiced writing our lower case letters with emphases of staying in the lines.

In math we reviewed our numbers 1-20. We practiced remembering the order of them and also writing them.

In science class we got to plant beans! We gave them water, and put them in the sun, and saw them grow very quickly! In one of the containers we didn’t put any water and we got to see how the beans didn’t grow.

We also had our picture day for the year book this week! We were very good and got two stickers from the photographer team!

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Week 23: Welcome to March!

This week we finished our phonics! Yay! We ended with letter ‘x’ (a hard one). We practiced saying it, writing it, and identifying it in a story. We also made sure to review our phonics from earlier this year to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. Now it is time to start sounding out words and recognizing sight words!

In math this week we explored different ways to measure things. We all measured ourselves with a tape measure, used a ruler to identify longer and shorter items, and used a pan-balance to identify heavier or lighter items. We also reviewed some of our shapes and worked on recognizing the characteristics of certain shapes.

For science class this week we learned about what a plant needs to grow as well as started the life cycle of a plant. On Friday we got to make our own flower!

For social studies we got the chance to write in our journals and practiced independent thoughts and writing.

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