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Field Trip to the Zoo and Botanical Gardens!

This week we were very lucky and went on a field trip to the zoo and botanical gardens on Friday! While we were there we got to take a train around the whole zoo and see the animals. We also learned about what trees, and other plants, need to live while planting our very own tree to take home. After, they opened up the butterfly garden specially for us and we got to go in and see all the pretty butterflies! While in the butterfly garden we also got to see butterflies at different stages of their lives (as eggs, caterpillars and pupae). We got to eat lunch outside and then had time to play around a garden where there were dinosaur statues and other cool things!

Earlier in the week we kept practicing sequencing by listening to a story and then having to draw it in the order it happened. We also learned more about a frog’s life-cycle and had to order it ourselves.

In language arts we learned the letter ‘v’ and ‘y’. We practiced the sounds they make, learned some words that start with ‘v’ and ‘y’, and practiced writing them all by ourselves.

We also had our Student of the Month assembly on Friday; congratulations to Ngan who was this month’s student of the month!

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We are back in Business!

This week we finished another phonics group and started on our last one! We practiced the letter ‘W’ and ‘V’. We practiced writing them by ourselves and also the sounds and what words start with those letters. Also, during language arts, we reviewed all the letters we have already learned.

In science class we started learning all about the life-cycle of a frog. We read a book to remind us about a butterflies life-cycle and then compared that to a frogs life-cycle. We also reviewed living vs. non-living and practiced identifying living things.

In math class we had lots of fun comparing shorter and longer and exploring with the connector cubes. We also started learning about “first, next and last” and how to order events.

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