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Welcome back and Tet assembly!


PreK has had a busy couple of weeks back at school!

We have spent some time reviewing our numbers 1 to 10 and even more time expanding on that and practicing our numbers 10 to 20.  We learned to order our numbers from 11-15 and then from 16-20 and even helped a mommy bird find her babies following the numbers 1-20 through a maze.

We reviewed the letters we have learned so far (their sounds and how to write them) as well as started on some new letters. We even finished our third phonics group!

In order to practice our sea animals we learned a new game. We all remembered the sea animal names really well! This week we will be finishing our Under the Sea unit by having a movie party on Friday and watching “Finding Nemo”.

We got right back in to swimming with Mr. Phu and we have moved up and are swimming in the big pool now!

After practicing for weeks we finally got to perform at the Tet assembly; and we did great! We looked amazing in our skirts and had a lot of fun!


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