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Christmas Concert!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

These are some of the pictures and videos I took at the Christmas concert!

Have a good break!

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Vivocity Play center!

This week in language arts we finished up our 2nd phonics group and got started on our third! We learned the sounds of the letter ‘g’ and ‘o’ and how to write them all by ourselves! We also learned some ‘g’ and ‘o’ words and to identify the difference between capital, and lowercase, ‘g’ and ‘o’. We’re more than half-way done all our letters!

We continued learning more about our friends in the Ocean this week! In science we learned which sea animals breath under the water and which breath above the water. We also sorted different animals (land and sea) into their habitats, practiced identifying our sea animals by name and played some fun sea-animal games!

In math class we practiced using the words “more” and “bigger” and being able to correctly identify a group that has more. We also reviewed our 10-20 numbers and played a game where we had to identify them!

This week we also started learning about how to keep a journal and writing about “what we did this weekend”. We still have a bit of a hard time identifying with self and what I, as an individual, did (instead of what someone else is drawing); we’re learning though!

On Friday we took a field trip to Vivocity with grade 2! We were extremely well behaved and had a great time! We played so much that we all fell asleep on the bus on the way home. There was a ball pit, low ropes course, race car track, a train, a bubble area and more!

20151211_122326 20151211_122316 20151211_122245 20151211_122120 20151211_122034 20151211_121900

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