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Week 15-Congratulations Aydan, Nhi and Zen!

We started an Under the Sea unit this week! We began to learn about some of the animals and plants that live in the ocean and how there are some that breathe under the water and some that breathe above!

To start our Under the Sea unit we read Rainbow Fish as a group. We focused on how the various characters felt in the book and talked about how it relates to us. We furthered this by talking about sharing and drawing some things we would share and having Ms. Emma write down what they are. We also identified the beginning, middle and end of the story and drew them on a story board.

We also continued with our phonics work by learning the letter ‘d’. We learned how to write both little and big ‘d’ by ourselves but we are still working on telling it apart from ‘b’.

During math we practiced counting numbers on two dice and then identifying and coloring that number on a worksheet. As well, we continued working on identifying and using vocabulary words such as “taller and smaller”.

At the student of the month assembly Aydan, Nhi and Zen all won awards! Our character trait this month was “Respect”. Congratulations Aydan, Nhi and Zen!

This week we will be finishing off our 2nd phonics group and starting on our third! We will also be continuing our Under the Sea unit and learning even more about our fish friends!

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Week 14-So many events!

We started off this week celebrating Nhi’s 5th birthday! We sang happy birthday to her, ate birthday cake and played some games. Happy Birthday Nhi!

We spent the rest of the week preparing for International Day and learning the letter ‘R’.

We learned all about lions! That they live in prides, the body parts and that female lions don’t have any manes! We also practiced writing the letter ‘R’ all by ourselves, recognizing little and big ‘r’ and practicing how to make an “rrrrrr” noise.

During math class we practiced putting objects in order based on their size. We also practiced counting shapes with the help of a lion friend!

On Thursday we had International Day in the afternoon! We all went over the MSHS campus and saw all the great displays! We took our passport books around to the different countries to get stamps and learn a little bit about each country. We had our South Africa exhibit set-up and it looked great!

On Friday, to celebrate Teacher’s Day and finish up our South Africa unit, we watched The Lion King after going swimming in the morning! Ms Emma loved all her presents and flowers and was very surprised and happy!

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Week 13-South Africa: Here we come!

Since South Africa is our country for International Day we spent a lot of this week talking all about South Africa. We learned some more about the animals that live there; their habitat, body parts and behaviors. We talked about some of the weather in South Africa and how it’s very hot during the summer but in the winter it gets cooler and they can even get snow!

We also started this week talking more about respect and what it means to be respectful. We brainstormed some words that are related to respect and discussed how we want to be treated by other people.

In language arts we have been very busy learning two new letter this week! The letter e and the letter h! We know how to write them all by ourselves, what they sound like and how to recognize them in a sentence. We also colored some ‘e’ and ‘h’ word pictures!

On November 11th we learned a little bit about Remembrance/Veterans Day and why we have it. We also did a fun Veterans Day craft and learned why people wear Poppy’s for it.

On a sadder note, we said goodbye to Co Trang who has left to have her baby. On the 16th we will be getting our new TA and we are very excited!

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Week 12-A short and busy week!

We started this week working on the letter ‘c’. We made a ‘cow’ that allowed us to work on our coloring skills as well as on our cutting, pasting and cognitive (following a design) skills. We also started a new letter this week; the letter ‘k’! We practiced it by doing both tracing work and writing it on our own. We colored different pictures of words that start with the letter ‘k’ and we found and circled it in a story!

In social studies we started learning about our country for International Day; South Africa. After watching a slide show all about South Africa we learned the colors of the flag and started learning about some of the animals that live there. One of these animals is the elephant. We learned, and were able to identify, some of the elephant body parts as well as colored some very nice pictures of elephants!

For math class we started to learn how to use measurement vocabulary. We used words like big, bigger biggest, small, smaller, smallest as well as several others. One of the ways we did this was to learn and discuss the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” story. We used this story to help use identify size and strengthen our vocabulary.

In addition to all this school work we also started talking about ‘respect’. Respect is our student of the month attribute this month. It is something that we struggle with and need lots of practice working on. We will continue working on ways to be respectful this month and moving forward.


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Halloween Week

This week has been very busy! We started an “All About Me Book” where we are exploring all aspects of ourselves. We read a book about families and discussed, and drew, our families. We learned about our favorite things, our favorite pets and our favorite colors! We also read a book about self confidence and liking ourselves.

Later in the week we practiced writing all by ourselves, counting and matching our numbers. We wrote out all the letters we’ve learned so far, by ourselves, and were able to count groupings of objects and match them to the correct number. We have also been having lots of practice writing our names!

To add to our alphabet knowledge, we learned a new letter this week; the letter ‘C’! We watched a short video about the letter ‘C’ and different words that can start with ‘C’. We also had practice writing it, saying it and identifying it in a story.

It hasn’t all been hard work though! We had lots of fun painting pumpkins, and the classroom door for Halloween! We also had the chance to get dressed up and show everyone our costumes! During the day on Friday we had an assembly (where we did a dance for the whole school!), did some work, and then got to play “pin the smile on the pumpkin” as well as watch a Halloween movie. After school we went to the carnival and had a great time (some of us even went in the haunted house)!


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