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Week 7 – Our first field trip and our Moon Festival!

It was another exciting week in Pre-K! We started out still working on learning the days of the week with the help of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We love that we can enjoy this book and learn something very important at the same time.

We also had practice for our Moon Festival Assembly this week as well. Ms. Tara was so happy with how well we sat quietly and listened while the other classes were singing. It was fun to watch and listen to all the other classes!

Thursday was an even more exciting day! We went on our first field trip! We went to a very nice place called VinSpace Art Studio. Some of us had been there before but for others it was our first time there! We learned how to paint with really watery paint to make an amazing place for our butterflies. Once we finished painting we got to colour our butterflies, then stick them on the background. They looked amazing!

At the end of the day Ms. Tara surprised us and took us to the ICT room so that we could learn some of the basics about computers. We also did some phonics activities while we were there. We really hope that we get to go back again soon!

To end the week we had our Moon Festival Assembly. We sang a song and danced with our friends from Kindergarten. We had a lot of fun watching all the classes singing and dancing again because this time everyone was in costume! Our Vietnamese teachers did such a great job arranging and organizing everything! After the assembly we went outside to watch the Dragon Dance…that was amazing!

Next week we have another field trip (we’re so lucky!) and we have another birthday in our class!

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Week 6 – Happy Birthday Khanh!

We thought that after last week we would have a relaxing week here in Pre-K…no way! Ms. Tara had lots of things for us to do this week. The first thing that we did was paint caterpillars. Last week when Mr. Garth came to read to us he read us a story about a very hungry caterpillar. This little caterpillar ate so much food and eventually turned into a big caterpillar. Do you know what happens when a caterpillar gets big? He builds himself a cocoon and inside that cocoon he changes into a butterfly! That’s exactly what happened in the book. The book also told us what happened each day of the week so Ms. Tara thought this would be a great way for us to start learning about them. She knows some great songs about the days of the week, some about the whole week and some about each day. We’ve been learning them all.

Now that we’ve started learning about caterpillars we just don’t want to stop! This week we also made caterpillars that hang from our ceiling. They were so much fun. We learned about making a pattern when we were making them, we had to do one green piece, then one red piece until we were finished. Ms. Tara told us that we were learning math, we’re pretty sure we were just having fun!

As much fun as we were having with the caterpillars we also did some other things. Ms. Tara also helped us learn a little about rhinos. Some people buy their horns because they think they are medicine but that’s just not true. Now rhinos are in danger because they have been hunted so much. Ms. Tara gave us a picture of a rhino to paint and we hung them on our door. Come and have a look!

This week we had not one but TWO parties! How lucky are we?? Our first party was on Wednesday because it was Khanh’s birthday! She brought hats for us and a beautiful pink cake! It was delicious! Thanks for sharing with us Khanh! Our second party was on Friday, this party we earned ourselves. So every time we line up nice and quietly Ms. Tara draws a candy on a poster by the door, the goal is to get it filled and then we have a party. After only 6 weeks we had our poster all filled! Ms. Tara could hardly believe it. We all decided that we would like to make cupcakes for our party. We put it all together and we mixed it ourselves and then we baked it. While they were baking we watched and sang along to our favourite Disney songs. What we didn’t know was that Ms. Tara was secretly putting icing on our cupcakes to make them look like a caterpillar, what a fun surprise!

Next week we have another big week, we have a field trip to VinSpace Art Studio and we also have the Moon Festival Assembly. We have been working very hard with Ms. Hong to learn a song and dance that we think you are really going to like! We also know that we will have plenty of exciting things happening in our class as well.






























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Week 5 – Reading Week!

It’s Reading Week here at TAS! This week is going to be filled with so many books and so much fun!

Monday was Dr. Seuss Day and Mr. Ed was dressed as the Cat in the Hat! Some of the other students decided to dress up like characters from Dr. Seuss books too. We listened to a book by Dr. Seuss in the morning called 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. After that Ms. Tara thought of another way that we could paint! We painted with Q-tips. She says that painting that way will help our hands become stronger and that our fine motor skills will get better. We aren’t entirely sure what fine motor skills are but Ms. Tara tells us that they are important. We had a lot of fun painting our fish red and blue.

Tuesday we had Pyjama Day. We were allowed to wear our pyjamas to school all day! It was lots of fun seeing so many people in pyjamas, especially our teachers.

Wednesday was a crazy kind of day, it was called Stop, Drop & Read Day. That meant that when we heard a special bell we were supposed to stop, drop and read. Since we are still a little bit young to read when we heard that special bell someone read to us, that was pretty neat! We also had a new friend come to visit us, her name is Sumi.

Thursday we had Character Dress Up Day, that meant that we were allowed to dress like a character in a book for the whole day! There were some great costumes! Even the teachers dressed up! We just love seeing our teachers looking silly!

On Friday we had Buddy Reading. First thing in the morning we went to the library so Mr. Kevin’s grade 5 class could read to us. We had so much fun reading with the grade 5 class and we think they had fun with us too. Later in the morning we had some of the High School students come and read to us, it’s so great to have all these friends wanting to help us read!





















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Week 4 – No painting this week…but something even better!

This week was a bit shorter than usual since we had Wednesday off but that didn’t stop us from making the most of our time!

We started off this week with a new letter, the letter P. We sang some songs about the letter P, we traced it, coloured it, talked about words that start with the letter P and coloured some pictures of things that start with the letter P.

The best part of the week though was making something that starts with the letter P…playdough!!! We made it from very simple things that you can find in your house. First Ms. Tara measured out some flour and put it in a big bowl, the she put some salt in there, some oil and finally some water. Then came the fun part…we got to mix up the playdough with our hands! It was quite messy but was it ever fun! We had such a blast getting all messed up before lunch. We did a great job with it too!

That wasn’t the end of it though…on Thursday Ms. Tara told us that we were going to turn this ordinary playdough into coloured playdough! She helped us put food colouring into the playdough and we made 6 different colours! Now we have red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple playdough…how neat is that!

Friday was another exciting day because we had an assembly first thing in the morning. Ms. Aubrey went over all the rules of our school for those students who weren’t here last year and just to make sure that all the others remembered them. Mr. Ed told us about Reading Week and all the fun things that will be happening then. There are going to be days where we can dress up and on Friday some of the older students are going to come and read to us. We can’t wait! There was also some students that won awards. The awards were for the students who have really been showing a great attitude at school, in our class Everlyn won the award. Congrats Everlyn!!

We are really looking forward to next week!










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