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Week 3 – How Many More Ways Can We Paint?

So in our first week we painted with a paint brush which we thought was great, last week we painted with our fingers which was even better but this week we tried 2 more ways to paint!

This week we read a story called Rainbow Fish. It is a really good story about a really beautiful fish who doesn’t want to share at first but then realizes that when he shares he is so much happier. It’s a pretty important lesson to remember, we always have more fun when we share. After we read the story Ms. Tara told us that we would be painting our own rainbow fish. What she didn’t tell us right away was how we would be painting them! We actually painted right onto bubble wrap and then pressed the painted side onto some paper to make a print. Because of the bubbles the fish look like they have scales! It’s really neat! The next time you are at the school stop by and have a look, the finished pictures are hanging on our wall and the bubble wrap fish are on our window!

The painting didn’t end there! Ms. Tara wants to make sure that we know how to spell our names so we did another activity to make sure we know them inside and out. This time Ms. Tara helped us write our names in glue, then she sprinkled salt all over the glue. That was pretty amazing but it got even better! She gave us coloured water and paintbrushes so that we could turn the salt from white into all different colours. She let us choose any colours that we wanted. Once they dried they became almost like crystals, they look awesome! Ms. Tara liked them so much she put them behind her desk.

Just so you know we do more in Pre-K than just paint. Over the past 3 weeks we have also been starting to learn the sounds that some of the letters make. Our first 3 letters have been S, A and T. We have been listening to songs about these letters, we have been tracing them, colouring pictures of things that start with these letters, making the letters with blocks…we just can’t get enough!










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Week 2 – Colours and Numbers

It’s our second week in Pre-K and we are having just as much fun as we did in week 1! We started by doing some counting songs and learning how to trace our numbers. We listened to lots of songs that have numbers in them like “5 Little Monkeys”, “5 Little Monkeys”, “10 in the Bed” and so many more. We are pretty good at tracing our numbers but we need to practice writing them on our own a little bit more. Ms. Tara is sure that we will be able to do that in no time.

We also worked very hard on making sure that we can spell our names. Last week we had a blast writing our names in shaving cream, this week Ms. Tara gave us all the letters we need to spell our names but she mixed them up so that we had to put them in the right order ourselves. It was great! Then later in the week we made a picture of our names, but not just any picture. Ms. Tara wrote our names on a piece of black paper and we filled it in with torn pieces of colourful paper. It looked so nice that Ms. Tara decided to put them up on our board.

On Friday we reviewed our colour words and then made rainbows with all the colours. The best part was that we made our rainbows with fingerpaint that Ms. Tara made for us. It was so much fun to get our hands all messy and make something beautiful like a rainbow! We can’t wait to see what we will be doing next week!













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Week 1 – Welcome to Pre-K!

Welcome to the Pre-K 2015-2016 class! We are starting off small this year with just 7 of us (only girls)… but we think that we are going to get some new friends later just like Pre-K did last year.

Our first week was exciting! We did so many things with Ms. Tara this week; painted flowers, read books, made handprints, learned how to write our names (with shaving cream!) and even painted our class door.

We also got to meet all of our other teachers. We had PE class with Ms. Diane, Art class with Mr. Eric, Music class with Mr. Scott and took 2 trips to the library to meet Ms. Tu. On Friday we also got to meet the Grade 5 teacher, Mr. Kevin. He came to our class to read us a story! We had lots of fun.

There are so many things that we need to remember here in Pre-K and we have been doing a great job in learning them. Ms. Tara is so proud of how we line up already. She is also very proud of how well we can trace and colour! We know we are going to have a great year here in Pre-K. Ms. Tara told us that we are going to learn our letters and the sounds they make and by the end of the year we will be able to even read some words. We are also going to learn to count, make graphs, make patterns and even add! Most importantly Ms. Tara told us that we are going to learn how to be good friends to everyone and we are going to learn how to be great people. We can’t wait!!









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