Pre-N: Halloween Carnival at TAS

Happy halloween clipart 3

It’s a spooky and fun Halloween for all.

In the morning, the Pre-Nursery class went trick or treating at the ES campus. We got a lot of good snacks from the first graders.

In the afternoon, we went to the MSHS campus to experience a lot of cool booths all prepared by our older peers. It was so much fun! We also came to school in our creative Halloween get ups!

Pre-N’s 3 awesome witches





Nhien Anh as Queen Elsa.


Julia as a butterfly.


Van Anh as a ladybug.


Dat as Super Batman.


Antoine as a pirate.


Quynh as Elmo.


Hanging out in the classroom.


VIsit to ES Campus:









Early morning swimming class with Mr. Phu!

Warm up excercise.

Pre-N’s Halloween Pumpkin

Welcome back! We are so excited and ready to be back to school! How was your fall break? We hope that it’s as awesome as ours!

To kick off the week, we are getting ready for Halloween! Check us out doing our thing with our Halloween pumpkins:



Letter: Fall Break and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Dear TAS Parents and Families,

This is the final week of Quarter 1 of the 2017-2018 academic year. School will be closed on Friday, October 13, 2017 for a Faculty Professional Development Day as well as during the week of October 16-20 for Fall Break. Classes will resume on Monday, October 23, 2017 for the beginning of Quarter 2.

School-wide Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Thursday, November 2, 2017 (3.00pm6.00pm) and on Friday, November 3, 2017 (8.00am11.30am). I look forward to seeing all of you at conferences. This is a great opportunity to speak with your child’s teachers regarding academic progress and any potential for support at home.

Have a great Fall Break holiday next week!

Warm regards,

Garth O’Donnell
Principal, N-12

Kính gửi Quý Phụ huynh và Đại gia đình TAS,

Tuần này là tuần lễ cuối cùng của Quý 1 – năm học 2017-2018. Các em học sinh sẽ được nghỉ học vào thứ Sáu, ngày 13/10/2017 do Giáo viên họp phát triển chuyên môn và bắt đầu Kỳ nghỉ Thu vào tuần sau, từ ngày 16/10 đến ngày 20/10/2017. Các em sẽ đi học lại vào thứ Hai, ngày 23/10/2017 và bắt đầu Quý 2 của năm học.

Buổi họp Phụ huynh toàn trường sẽ diễn ra vào thứ Năm, ngày 02/11/2017 (từ 15g00 đến 18g00) và thứ Sáu, ngày 03/11/2017 (từ 8g00 đến 11g30). Rất mong được gặp gỡ tất cả Quý vị vào hai ngày họp này. Đây là một cơ hội tốt để Quý vị trao đổi với tất cả Giáo viên về quá trình học tập trên lớp cũng như ở nhà của các em.

Chúc Quý vị có một kỳ nghỉ Thu tuyệt vời vào tuần sau!

Trân trọng,

Garth O’Donnell

Hiệu trưởng Trường TAS

Pre-Nursery: How are we?

The 1st quarter is almost over! Quick update!

All 14 kids in Pre-Nursery are finally settling in and getting used to being in school and doing classroom routine. 12 of them are staying in school until 2:45 everyday, 1 stays for nap time thrice a week and 1 stays until lunch time. 6 of them are toilet trained and proud of it!

Parents must be wondering what the kids are up to in the classroom. The following activities are what we do in the classroom to help develop the kids’ fine and gross motor skills and independence. These activities can also be done at home for follow up:

  1. Picking up trash and throwing it into the trash bin.
  2. Pushing the chairs in.
  3. Packing up toys after playing.
  4. Going up and down the stairs.
  5. Wearing and taking off their own shoes.
  6. Carrying their own bags.
  7. Eating on their own.
  8. Washing their hands.

So far, we have covered 4 letters in the alphabet! Letters Aa, Mm, Pp and Tt. Almost all of us know and remember the 3 primary colors. We count endlessly when we are doing things. We do a lot of dancing and singing and just getting our bodies coordinated.

The 1st quarter has been a great period of adjustment for all of us. We are all excited to be back for more adventurous learning!

Learning Letter Sounds: Bb and Ee

Letter Bb:

Image result for baby and bubbles

Baby and bubbles b-b-b. Baby and bubbles b-b-b. Baby and bubbles b-b-b. /b/ is the sound of Bb.


Letter Ee:

Image result for egg and elephant

Eggs and elephant e-e-e. Eggs and elephant e-e-e. Eggs and elephant e-e-e. /e/ is the sound of Ee.

Pre-Nursery Class at the TAS Moon Festival

Of course, the youngest Mustangs in school joined in all the fun.

The Pre-Nursery class was surprisingly well-behaved as they watched the older kids in class perform. Some of them even joined in by dancing!

Don’t we all look good in our ao dais?




The Dragon Dance was definitely a new experience to most of us. Being so close to the performers in costume surely surprised and even scared us at first.

Enjoying the Dragon Dance!


Learning Letter Sounds: Pp and Tt

More letter sounds this week!


Letter Pp:

Related image

Pig and pizza p-p-p. Pig and pizza p-p-p. Pig and pizza p-p-p. /p/ is the sound of Pp.


Letter Tt:

Image result for Turtle and tomato

Turtle and tomato t-t-t. Turtle and tomato t-t-t. Turtle and tomato t-t-t. /t/ is the sound of Tt.

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