New Shape Alert: Diamond

Welcome back! Hope your fall break was relaxing. Nursery A is back and we are learning about a new shape.

Our first shape for this quarter is DIAMOND! We made a flower using diamond shaped paper. We are getting better and better in doing our art work. Don’t you think so too?


20161019_100806 20161019_100810

20161019_101555 20161019_102409

Here’s our work:

20161019_100916 20161019_100949 20161019_101025

20161019_101837 20161019_101958 20161019_103313

20161019_103134 20161019_102829 20161019_102511





First Activity

This year’s first activity by Nursery A is hand-printing!

Because it’s the first week of school, I’m pretty sure that they are all still getting used to going to school, playing with new kids and all the routine.

The purpose of this activity is to remind the kids that wherever they maybe, their parents are always thinking of them.