Pre-Nursery: How are we?

The 1st quarter is almost over! Quick update!

All 14 kids in Pre-Nursery are finally settling in and getting used to being in school and doing classroom routine. 12 of them are staying in school until 2:45 everyday, 1 stays for nap time thrice a week and 1 stays until lunch time. 6 of them are toilet trained and proud of it!

Parents must be wondering what the kids are up to in the classroom. The following activities are what we do in the classroom to help develop the kids’ fine and gross motor skills and independence. These activities can also be done at home for follow up:

  1. Picking up trash and throwing it into the trash bin.
  2. Pushing the chairs in.
  3. Packing up toys after playing.
  4. Going up and down the stairs.
  5. Wearing and taking off their own shoes.
  6. Carrying their own bags.
  7. Eating on their own.
  8. Washing their hands.

So far, we have covered 4 letters in the alphabet! Letters Aa, Mm, Pp and Tt. Almost all of us know and remember the 3 primary colors. We count endlessly when we are doing things. We do a lot of dancing and singing and just getting our bodies coordinated.

The 1st quarter has been a great period of adjustment for all of us. We are all excited to be back for more adventurous learning!


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