First Field Trip at Vin Space

Nursery A had their first field trip on Nov. 17, 2016 at Vin Space!


It was a fun experience for them to be riding the school bus together and going on a short trip.

dsc09515 dsc09517 dsc09518dsc09519

They have been learning about shapes and family members, so Vin Space prepared two art activities for them to enjoy.

First Activity: Pop-art Style Shape Monster Family with oil pastel and water. The children drew different shapes and turned them into monster family members.

dsc09528 dsc09529 dsc09530 dsc09531dsc09533 dsc09534 dsc09535 dsc09536 dsc09537 dsc09539 dsc09540 dsc09542 dsc09544 dsc09545 dsc09546 dsc09547

Here’s their artwork:

dsc09548 dsc09555 dsc09551 dsc09560 dsc09559 dsc09558 dsc09556 dsc09552


Second Activity: Shape Monster Paper Puppet. The children chose pre-cut shapes and stick them together on a popsicle stick to make a puppet monster family member.

dsc09561 dsc09562 dsc09563 dsc09564 dsc09565 dsc09566

dsc09571 dsc09572 dsc09573 dsc09574 dsc09575 dsc09577

They all did an awesome job with their art work! And they can’t wait for their next field trip.


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