Q1 Week 2 Lesson Overview (Aug15th- 19th)

We are really trying to do good in our circle time. We learned about our days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and tried to sing our Months of the year during our circle time. We are almost getting there in knowing all the names of our classmates. We are still working on  with our throw and catch skill though we can tell that we are doing good in throwing 🙂 .

It’s our first week of swimming class too. We all really had fun in this class and we are excited to have our swimming class again.

Most of us are all well adjusted in our new classroom. We love it especially our play area where we can practice going up and slide down. We are excited to learn more in our class and we can’t wait for another days of learning!

Q1 Week 1 Lesson Overview (Aug. 8th -12th)

It’s been an awesome first week in school! We were very brave in facing new challenges for another Academic year! Most of us are doing really well in adjusting in our new campus. There are lots of new things welcomed us!  For this week, we learned about the following:

  • Classroom routines
  • Names of our Teachers, TAs and classmates
  • Circle Time Routine (Calendar,weather, attendance and songs

We will still be learning about these for the next weeks.

~Ms. Lovely

Q4 Week 1 Lesson Overview (Mar. 28th- Apr. 1st)

For this week’s lesson, we learned about the following:

  • Recognition, Sound and tracing of letter Bb
  • Recognition of Number 8
  • Different Sounds of the animals (pigeon, bird, pig, dog, cat, duck, roster, horse, donkey, frog, goat, cow, bee, and sheep)

We also had a chance to witness the different Science projects of lower and upper Elementary students. It was indeed a busy week but we were having fun doing it!


Have a great Weekend!


Q3 Week9 Lesson Overview (Mar 7th-11th)

For this week’s lesson we learned about the following:

  • Recognition and tracing of letter Cc

  • Listening to different sounds and tried to match it

  • Farm Animals (goat, horse, donkey, cow, pig, duck, turkey, rooster, dog, chicken, cat, and sheep)

  • We also tried lacing the farm animals pictures.

It was indeed a fun filled week. Please be reminded that we will have a field trip next week to Three Brooms Town in Vista on Mar 16th. Don’t forget to return the reply slip if you haven’t returned it yet! Thank you!

Q3 Week8 Lesson Overview (Feb 29th-Mar4th)

For this week’s lesson, we learned the following:

  • Recognition and sound of P

  • Vocabulary: Fruits (apple, banana, lime, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, peach, sugar apple, strawberry, mango, orange, grapes, coconuts, and pears )

  • How to make a fruit salad

Most of the kids are still having hard time recognizing and identifying the different kinds of fruits. Kindly help reminding them whenever there’s a chance to do so.

Have a great Weekend!