Q1 Week 5 My Self (Sept. 7-11)

For this week’s class we are able to settle down more in our activities and routines in the class. Standing line was introduced and most of the kids are able to do a standing line on the board and on paper.

The concept of big and small was already introduced . We had a story of The Three Little Pigs and learned new song “Rolly Polly”. The kids love the songs and it introduced them with new vocabulary of opposites like loud-soft, fast-slow, in-out and up-down.

Fine Motor Skill: We used empty bottle to open and close the lid. Most of the kids can open it but having difficulties in closing it. We will still be doing it for next week.  We also had ‘catch ball’ activity where they have to catch and throw back the ball.

Kindly review the things we have learned for this week.

Have a great day!


Ms. Lovely


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