Q1 Week 1 Routine (August 24-28)

Most of the kids for this week  are able to adjust in their new classroom environment. There are only few kids who randomly cry in class. We are still working on in our circle time, lining up and cleaning up routine.  Individual activity works best in the class as of the moment. We’ve been working with our behavior in class regarding mingling with  our peers and also we are learning new simple expressions like “I’m good”, “Good, Morning!” and “Thank you”

I introduced matching of the same objects and colors.  Most of the kids are able to do it excellently.  For next week’s activity, we will be focusing with our fine motor skills.


Have a great day!


Q1 Week 2 (August 17-21)

For this week’s class, we’re still trying to be familiarized with the routine and still getting to know each other. Most of us are getting used to the routine and some of the songs that we sing everyday. We also learn the words “school” and “chair”.  We also color the first page of the book we are making about “I Am Special”. We also learn how to say our name. Some of the kids are able to do it and some are still working on it. It’s getting more fun in school!

Welcome back to School! Q1 Week 1 (Aug.10-14)

Welcome back to school to the new and old students! It was indeed a very challenging week for the most of the students in class. We still have lots of time to know more about our classroom routine, getting familiarized with our activities and most especially to be more comfortable in our new classroom environment. We are taking one step at a time and most of us are able to rock the first week of school!

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