Lesson Overview Q4 Week 4 (May 4-8)

We will be learning about different weathers for the next four weeks. For this week’s theme will be Weather (Sunny Day).  We will learn what the sun gives us, what to wear during Sunny day and we will do some crafts. For our Eye and hand coordination activity, we will be doing our pouring activity and we will review shirt folding for our fine motor skill exercise. Others will learn how to write their names.

Classes will resume on May 4th. Happy Spring Break!

Lesson Overview Q4 Week 3 (April 20-23)

For this week’s theme we will still be discussing Community Helpers (Nurse and Farmer). For our Sensory skills we will do bolts and nuts and for our practical life activity, we will learn how to fold our own shirt. We will also trace broken lines and also we will make a Nurse’s kit for our craft. We will also plant some beans to let us experience to be a farmer and observe it after our spring break.


Have a great weekend!

Lesson Overview Q4 Week 2 (April 13-17)

For this week’s theme will still be Community Helpers (Police officer and Doctor). We will make our own police hat and also we will learn how to blow a whistle. We will also learn what policemen do and what their uniforms are. We will also try to learn about traffic lights and we will have stop and go game. In learning about the doctors, we will learn basic first aid like putting some band aid on our wound. We will continue to do the picture puzzle for our size and shape discrimination activity and also scooping for our pre-writing and reading activity.