Lesson Overview Q4 Week 1 (Mar. 30- Apr. 3)

For this week’s theme will be Community Helpers (Week1). We will have this theme for 4 weeks. For the first week, we will be focusing about firefighter and dentist . We will learn what they do, their uniforms and who they help. We will also have a role play in class as firefighters and dentists and learn some safety things to do when there’s a fire and how to take good care of our teeth. We will also be preparing for our science fair and we will discuss about parts of the body and our focus is our face. We will also integrate numbers from 1-10 in some activities.

Lesson Overview Q3 Week 7 (Mar. 16-20)

For this week’s theme will be Living and Non-Living Things.  We will learn about the different examples and what the living things need. We will learn new song entitled “Living Things”. We will also work with our eye and hand coordination with the use of cups, rice and funnel. We will draw with the use of foam for our sensorial.  We will have our swimming on 19th

Please read the letter that was sent regarding the pictorial for next week! Happy Weekend!


Ms. Lovely