Week 7 Lesson Overview (Sept. 29-Oct. 3)

This week’s theme will be Air Transportation. We will learn about the different air transportation, number concept and a new song about an Airplane. We will try to make an airplane out of paper and make some air transportation with our Legos and blocks.  We will also have our kick-off party next week for our reading month! Please wear your pajamas and you can bring your favorite stuffed toy on Monday, September 29.

Week 6 Lesson Overview (Sept. 22-26)

This week’s theme will be Water Transportation. We will learn about water-based transportation like cruise ship, jetski, boat, cargo ship, speed boat and submarine. We will also learn the sound of Bb. We will also make an origami boat for us to use in our  swimming time. In our pre-writing activity, we will transfer the water from one container to another with the use of sponge. You can also help your kids in letting them try this activity at home to develop their fine motor skills. We will also read the story of On a Pirate Ship by S. Courtlaud and B . Davies and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed The Sea by Pam Adams.

TAS Moon Festival

Dear Families,
Please join us on Monday, September 8th at 8:30am for our Mid-Autumn Celebration! There will a dragon dance, student performances, moon cakes and awards will be presented for our Lantern Competition! All students, families and teachers are encourages to wear traditional ao dai to be part of the fun! We hope to see you there! 
Mr. Garth and Ms. Aubrey

Week 4 Lesson Overview (Sept. 8-12)

This week’s theme will be  My School. We will be learning more about the  different places and the people in school. We will also have a tour inside the campus. We will also learn to introduce our self by stating what school we are in. We will also develop more of our fine motor skills by doing spooning and knots and bolts activities for the preparation of our writing activity. Other students who are ready for writing will start to write with different strokes. We will hear the story entitled “I LOVE SCHOOL” by Philemon Sturges.