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May 7, 2013
by ppham2018

Activity 2

Strangers can follow our information and take a look at my photos…And read the about me information. SO through that the strangers would learn a bit about me..But for some reasons, some people don’t like to share the real informations, so they make the fake one, so some strangers who want to add friends they’d believe in it.. so don’t trust in the internet so much….because, they would believe in how they look, action,.. SO internet is maybe very dangerous not easy as you see. 

Day 23 - Addicted geek's
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lucas Leite via Compfight
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: nataliej via Compfight

May 2, 2013
by ppham2018

Activity 1

Usually in our real life MILLION of people have different personality, some will show their personality out to the world but some don’t because they usually shy about their appearance….So some of them usually show their personality on online.. A good example is my friend, she is really shy in real life but on Facebook, she COMPLETELY different, she posts photos which is really cool ( her photo) and writes many status that is unbelievable…. But i guess she did that because she thinks if she shows out to people her personality & then some people will probably hate her.. so she had to hide her REAl personality and act like a TOTALLY different person

Reality      but on Facebook



April 2, 2013
by ppham2018
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Earth Hour

Earth hour is a day when people turn light off because they want to save  the money of each month and  see is people really need Earth… My family did have a really really great time…Instead of using light, we turned the light off and sat together….We sang, ate, talked…. for two hours…The most beautiful part is when my mom started to burn the candle. It was sparkle, it was light my night though…More ever they want to turn off the light because they want the outer of the earth would be less hot….and save the materials they need

Great Lakes in Sunglint (NASA, International Space Station, 06/14/12)Take heart: the earth is sick but it is up to us to heal !!!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Riccardo Francesconi via Compfight
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via Compfight

March 29, 2013
by ppham2018
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My Story…..

Okay, so today I’ll tell you all about me. I did write my basic info before but today I want those mentors, judges, visitors,… to get to know me more.. Smiles are overrated.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sean Molin via Compfight

So I’m a girl who like to take pictures of my friends and myself. 🙂 I know its a bit weird but it’s fun though.

:: Mocha flake anyone? ::
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Hot Chocolate is things that I need to have in my life.. It’s absolute Perfect when you drink it when it’s raining. It feels so good…It warms you..

Klondike Highway - Landscape
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I want to live in a place which has no war, no argue,.. the place I want is absolutely quite so I could focus, and live well…

I like to eat ice cream my favorite flavor is green tea b/c it tastes so good. And green tea is perfect example for my life. Not too bitter and not too sweet.



Listening to music clip art

I like to listening to music… Without music is like no life

Hope you enjoy my story 🙂


Nicky <3 <3 <3





March 26, 2013
by ppham2018

10th person that I want to meet are…

10th person that I want to meet are…

– Taylor Swift

Why you are so beautiful ?

– Demi Lotovato

why your song is so cute ?

– One Direction

Why you guys are so HANDSOME and AWESOME ??

– Cimerolli

Whos your idol?

– Kelly Clarkson

Why your song is so GOOD ?

– Justa Tee

Why don’t u become a rapper instead of a Singer ??

– Justin Bieber

What if you are not a singer? What would u do??

– Megan & Liz


-The Wanted

What types of song you guys usually sing??

– Huyna

What make you beautiful ?

– Kristen Steward

Have u ever dream that you gonna be an excellent singer



March 13, 2013
by ppham2018

My Passion

1/ Write about your passion

– So I like to making cute ( Kawaii) stuffs out of polymer clay and felt. The reason I fall in love with them because after i baked them it will turn hard we can decorate as a charm, house decorate,…. Especially is felt, they are soft and cute.So thats what I usually do in my spare time.. 😀 😀


February 20, 2013
by Kien Lam

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