Challenge 6 activity 3 Activity relating to number 10

This is the post of Student Blogging Challenge

Activity 3

After checking the privacy help page in Facebook, I’ve found some part surprising  in settings which is where we can control who can add things to our timeline. I did not feel like changing my  setting because i thought it was okay to let other people read and to post silly things and tag me in or read my privacy.

Activity relating to number 10:

1) I think all student should use the app ‘dictionary’ to help them find meanings of words.

2) Calculator should also be a suitable app for schooling, in math. It helps us to calculate math fast and rather than buying a scientific calculator, you can just download a free app and use it.

3) The app My Homework  is really helpful too. It lets students keep track of their homework, assignments, projects, quizzes and tests.

4) Math Bingo is a game of bingo that contains math problems in it. IT helps student to solve math fast and correctly.

5) Spell board is also a good game which helps students learn more words and know the spellings and can spell it faster 😀

6) Minecraft is a great game for social studies and geometry learning. In minecraft, we can build different things with different shape color and sizes 😀

7) I Homework app help you to get yourself organized. This app keeps your school work, grades, homework.

8)Wikipanion is an app that is also known as Wikipedia which is a common reference that’s used everywhere.Wikipedia gives you losts of information real quick.

9) Drop box is also a very convenient app where you can save all your documents and things in it and will never get lost. When you use drop box, you don’t need a USB anymore because its all saved in the app.

10) Stanza is an app that helps you when you need to read some classics for your courses. You can just get it all free in Stanza.


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