Challenge 9-Games

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I’ve visited many blogs and finally got to Roonie’sblog! Found it really intersting. My favorite post is probably the post about Roonie, I chose that post because I feel like there’s something I need to know about him after reading his post, i need to know something unique. It seems like he loves going out side and sports like basketball,football,soccer,climbing trees. He loves going to his cousins house to have fun there (seems like staying home is not his thing 😀 ) 

Challenge 8-My 10 favorite things

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My favorites 10 things:

MattyBraps: Youtube link

My first favorite thing is MattyBRap’s musics. Mattyb is an 11 year old boy which can rap, sing and produces musics. He has 1,259,288 subscribers and 520,387,792 hits on YouTube.

I also like I phones because they’re just helpful everywhere. I phones can call, text, use Internets, play games, save calenders, to-do list,….
Other than that, I also like laptops because laptops simply gets my homework done and i can carry it anywhere.

Clothings are also one of my favorites things because I just love cool clothes and when I try it on, I feel different in a way.

I like Nike shoes too. Nike shoes helps me feel more confident and easy when I’m playing sports and it has a really cool look.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Timothy Wells via Compfight

I also like rubiks because that’s the only thing i can do when my laptop is confiscated. I feel really proud when I finished solving the rubik, each time beating my own record makes me really happy. StackRecording studio microphones are somehow my type too. I like recording studio microphone because I like to sing and record ’em….it’s like covering songs. Earphones are also 1 of my favorite things.

Earphones gets me to listen more music without disturbing other people near by.
Photo Credit: Fe Ilya via CompfightSounds

TVs my favorite things too. I like watching TV because interesting movies just simply needs a TV, and BTW…I love movies.

Obviously my next favorite thing is movies like i told you before that I just love movies 😀 Movies just gets my attention so much, but I don’t know why 😛 😛 😀 🙁 :’) :'(


Challenge 6 activity 3 Activity relating to number 10

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Activity 3

After checking the privacy help page in Facebook, I’ve found some part surprising  in settings which is where we can control who can add things to our timeline. I did not feel like changing my  setting because i thought it was okay to let other people read and to post silly things and tag me in or read my privacy.

Activity relating to number 10:

1) I think all student should use the app ‘dictionary’ to help them find meanings of words.

2) Calculator should also be a suitable app for schooling, in math. It helps us to calculate math fast and rather than buying a scientific calculator, you can just download a free app and use it.

3) The app My Homework  is really helpful too. It lets students keep track of their homework, assignments, projects, quizzes and tests.

4) Math Bingo is a game of bingo that contains math problems in it. IT helps student to solve math fast and correctly.

5) Spell board is also a good game which helps students learn more words and know the spellings and can spell it faster 😀

6) Minecraft is a great game for social studies and geometry learning. In minecraft, we can build different things with different shape color and sizes 😀

7) I Homework app help you to get yourself organized. This app keeps your school work, grades, homework.

8)Wikipanion is an app that is also known as Wikipedia which is a common reference that’s used everywhere.Wikipedia gives you losts of information real quick.

9) Drop box is also a very convenient app where you can save all your documents and things in it and will never get lost. When you use drop box, you don’t need a USB anymore because its all saved in the app.

10) Stanza is an app that helps you when you need to read some classics for your courses. You can just get it all free in Stanza.


Creative Commons Collage

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Challenge about the number 10

If I would have a chance to meet 10 people, I would meet rock , pop stars, movie stars like….

– Matty B

How did you start of liking music and singing?

-Miley Cyrus

How does it feel like when you’re famous?


Did you like it when you’re singing and dancing in a band like that?

-Carson Lueders

How did you feel like when your music was starting to become a HIT?

-Nicki Manaj

Did you feel like you really want to thank the supporters that make your music “POSSIBLE”?

-Taylor Swift

How did you start off with falling in love with music?

-Bruno Mars

What did you first think about while making your music?

-Lindsay Lohan

What makes you fall in love with acting?

-Jennifer Lopez

How did you feel like being a pop star?

-Mariah Carey

-Did you like it when you’re being the judge of American Idol?


Music is an entertainment that is used mostly when you’re bored. Music is also the inspiration that would help you to focus when you’re learning.

I love music! I love music as much as I love life.  I usually listen to music when I’m bored, mad and when I need more focus on my learning. Music’s melody grove you as you dance along with it. Feeling the music’s beats is like feeling the greatest thing ever.

My favorite type of music is Rock. Rock music can really grove you as the beats go on, and when there are parts that are nasty, crazy and goofy! Those are my favorite parts 😀 😀 😀

I also like pop music! Pop music has a really good melody that moves on through out the song which makes you actually feel the music!

Feeling the music is like….

I represent every kid, every nation
I represent my young generation
I represent music innovation
Hearing favorite song on that FM station
It’s like the beat brings the best in me
And no one can stop my destiny

So if you’re young and you’re fresh
And you’re wild and free
Then put your hands in the air
Up where I can see 😀

I love music and music loves ME <3