My Personality Online

At TAS I learned to crate a blog and now that I own one I have a small online personality; I plan to have my avatar soon and I will post it here in a flash.

My avatar will be just like me in a computerized version with a bit of fantasy.

I think you should not exaggerate at online personality because there could be someone who likes you for yourself ; I think it is OK to improve a little the appearance for fun or to be happier, anyway on the other side of the computer you are still the same.

Do you have the same idea?

Please share.


If I have 3 wishes

“Same times wen i fell, lonely i go autsaid i emagen i am in a different world  so the the ferry is being chased a save her

so she gives me a flower ” she says “every time you take one leaf of the flower 1 wish will came true .

My first wish is super strength!

no more bullying for me at school or anywhere else.

now her is my 2 wish i cod run super fast even on water i cod play.

i would never be late for school again.

my 3 and last wish would be teleport or meibi shield!

because if i cod teleport i would go to europe,north america and mexico if it was a shield i cod go underwater and protect my self for emergency like snakes.

The ten people I wold like to meet alive or dead

If i had the opportunity to met ten people alive or dad they wood be

Jesus Christ  from  Judea.

Alberto Santos Dumont from Brazil.

Michael Jackson was born in america.

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Italy.

Thomas Edison was born in america.

Guglielmo Marconi was born in Italy

Antonio Meucci was born Italy

Nikola Tesla was born in Austrian Empire (Croatia)

Enrico Fermi was born in Italy

Adam slander  was born in New York .