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whats different about you online and offline.

So what is different about you online and offline, hears the answer. When you are online you probably are going to make up lies about yourself like you tell them that your tall but really your not, think about me you’d think that I tell lies of myself online, and I admit it I sometimes do this because everyone is eventually going to do it. Think about the earlier times like during the 60’s to the 80’s they had no computers to chat with so they went and hung out and some people weren’t very popular and the popular kids made fun of them and weren’t their friends. But now since there is computers people can chat and tell lies if they are popular, but what if they aren’t and there just telling lies. So the lesson is you that we should not lie and just be a little bit more aw nest with each other.


10 apps that are educational on ipad

1.Science calculator: It is smart to get this so that you can use it in your class when you need it.

2.Mathematics game: This is smart to play because you can practice your skills and not waste paper.

3.World atlas: This game is smart to use because you can use it to learn about the worlds continents and city’s and capitals.

4.Dictionary: We use this so that we can learn new words and look them up if we don’t understand them.

5.Mine craft: This app is educational because children when they play this game they can learn how to use skills and expand their imagination.

6.Learning language: This app is any language you want to learn, with it you can learn how to speak a language you want to learn.

7.Google: When you use this app you can use it to search things you want like Wikipedia, you tube,etc.

8.i books: When using this app we can download books to read and learn new things. facts: This is an app you can use to learn facts about famous things like red paint is the cheapest color to make.

10.Kindle:We can use this app to buy books for reading or news papers or even comics.

Assassin’s creed literal

Nike basketball collage

Earth hour

Hey there guys the earth hours coming and for those that will turn there power of and save energy I say thank you. You know during the earth hour everyone is going to make a difference that will help the world, and during that time that presses time everyone will turn there electricity off. As we turn of our power it helps the world save a lot of power that has been used and causing pollution. We will make a difference because millions of people are so poor they cant afford candles for light, and as we turn of all the power the earth will become more equal, we will save a lot of energy. All I can say is that every person in the world I hope you will make a difference in the world, save your electricity and you will be saving many things. 🙂

10 ways to use a sock with holes in it

special event

a recent event I had which was very exciting to do was a cast production called the sound of music. It was an event that I loved to act in, I played as one of captain Von Traps sons named Kurt. I knew that I wasn’t one of the main characters but it was a good start in my first play. Our director ms. Jennifer was sometimes hard on us but it was all worth it because we did an absolutely amazing act. I could not have done it with out the help of my family supporting me all the time for 7 months. When we performed that night everyone was amazed with our dramatic skills and our passion. That is one special event that I will never forget in my whole entire life.


one of my passions

one of my favorite passion is playing basket ball, its my thing because I like to challenge people by playing a match or just practice shooting hoops with my friends. This year I was going to join the basketball team for middle school but there were no teams available so then I will join next year. Some of my favorite teams are the Lakers, the Houston rocket, the Bulls and Heats. Basket ball is one of the most awesome games ever so why wait now when you can be playing basket ball, that is my passion basket ball.

About me

Hey there whats up, the names marko with a “k”. A sixth grader that studies in the American school of Vietnam. School is fun and all but I’d like to tell you a little more to that. I like to play video game and watch TV and play sports, my favorite food is pizza, burgers nachos and like to drink mountain dew. My favorite sport is basket ball and I like to hang with my friends in the city. well thats all you really need too know about me, even though there is more to it.

10 jobs of my lifetime

1.The number one thing I want to be is a professional basket ball player, This is the sport I have always been good at.

2.I want to be an actor one day, because it is one of the things I’m good at.

3.Joining a band and make a a lot of money and be famous.

4.There is one thing I’m passionate about is writing, today I write short stories, but one day I mite write a book that could get best seller of the year.

5.One thing I like is video games, so I say that one day I want to make my own video game so others can enjoy my work.

6.Being a lawyer would give me an advatage because I never want to be wrong.

7.I would want to be a race car driver, because when I drive something like a go-cart then I’m a natural at it.

8.Being a world class surfer because I love too swim and surf, water is what I love.

9.Being an engineer so that I can invent new things in my life.

10. working as a doctor because one day I would love to help people in needed.


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