Challenge Number 10 – Week 8

           My favorite animals, as might you have known because of reading posts before, are polar bears. I really like polar bears because they are an animal of beautiful nature. Polar bears are rarely seen by people and they have almost not been touched. I really like the way they look. Very brave, yet also a part shy. They seem really fluffy that almost like candy.
          My favorite pet is Bunny. Bunny is a dog, a chihuahua, that has a really short tail. He is a sweet little guy. Whenever he runs, his ears really look like bunnies’ ears. Bunny also loves to eat vegetables. Bunny is my favorite pet from all 21 pets I own/used to own out of dogs, hamsters, and porcupines.
 Yup that’s Bunny. The one staring at the camera and with the short tail.  (P.S: I took this picture, so the credit belongs to ME! )
          My favorite band used to be Westlife, but now it is Maroon 5. I love maroon 5 because their music is really Pop-y and Rock-y. The melodies to their songs are really great and easy to remember. They are just simply AWESOME that way. Click HERE to visit my playlist of their songs.
          My favorite song is Stutter by Maroon 5. I really like the beats of it and the melody sometimes actually makes the listener “stutter”. As I said before, I really like Maroon 5 so I guess that is why I like Stutter.

Photo Credit: Giulio Bernardi via Compfight


          My favorite book is the first book of 39 clues series: The Maze of Bones written by Rick Riordan. This book is about Amy and Dan, who are brother and sister, whose grandmother had lost and left the grand family, the Cahills, a series of clues and mysteries all over the world. Whoever wins the “scavenger hunt” will be the most powerful person in the world. The Cahills are related to Mozart, Edison, and many other famous people. This is an adventure book where Amy Cahill and Dan Cahill find the clues to be the most powerful people.
          My favorite author is Rick Riordan. He wrote the book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, also the Lost Heroes, and the first book of 39 clues. He wrote many more, of which are mostly adventurous and is miraculous. Rick is a fantastic author and if your school library has any of his books, check them out and enjoy them.
          My favorite sport is, as you may know from reading my post about “My Passions”, is soccer. This is one interesting sport, both to play and to watch. I started soccer only two years ago, but it entertained me a lot. I played with Tina, Quang, Jerry, and Maddie (Madison).
          My favorite movie is Mamma Mia!. This movie is about a girl named Sophie who lives on a Greek island with her mom, Donna. When it is almost Sophie’s wedding day, she invited her three to-be-called fathers, since she is still trying to find her real father. This movie is made with the music of ABBA, entertaining us first with “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A man after midnight)“.
          My favorite place to travel is Merlion And Marina Bay Sands At Night   (DSC0100_1_2) – Singapore. This is an awesome place that you will be able to breath fresh air, due to all the trees and greeness this country has. It is rated as one of the cleanest country in the world. At night, this developed country is bright and beautiful, especially in Sentosa where there is the Merlion (Shown in picture above). This is a wonderful place to spend your holiday at.
Photo Credit: Schristia via Compfight
          My favorite thing to do is… Sleeping! Well, what else do I do to spare my time at home? I can’t play soccer at home. I guess I can read, but I do too much of that. Sleeping wastes time before I even knew it does. I’m just lazy that way 😛

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  1. Well done Lisa. Took me a while to find the other tool used, but including the playlist on YouTube was a great idea. I am learning new things from students and teachers every day.

    Looks like you have the compfight settings for small images at 75 pixels. I have mine set at 240 on the long side and they look much better in the posts. You might want to check that out in your plugins settings for compfight.

    • Thank you for your comment, Miss W!
      My compfight settings are set up for all Small, Medium, and Large, Miss W, so I will check it out and see how it looks. Thank you for your advice!


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