Online Identity

This is a post for Student Challenge week 6.

I don’t have a different identity when I am online, but I never really like to express much of myself when I’m using the Internet. I don’t like the way how many people post images of themselves online. If I didn’t tell them, I don’t think many people will know that it is me, because I hardly ever express myself. I don’t post pictures of myself online, except for when I am with my friends. I think this is a wise idea because people might be able to track me down without knowing that it was me, so it wouldn’t affect me too much. I don’t like showing myself too much to the world.

2 thoughts on “Online Identity

    • Hi Amy! 🙂
      Thanks for your comment. I loveeee your blog, too, but I can’t seem to log in into edublogs to be able to comment on your blog. I hope you keep working on improving your blog, even better and more awesome than it already is! 🙂


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