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Our week August 28-September 1

Wow it’s hard to believe our first month of kindergarten is already finished! This week we continued to practice our routines and expectations so that we know exactly what to do in a school environment.

In Language Arts we continued to practice our Daily 5 skill Read to Self and began to learn about our second skill, Word Work. When we practice Word Work we learn all about letters, sight words, breaking down words in to their sounds and a lot of other skills we need to spell and write. This week we practiced matching big and little letters.

In math we continued to practice word problems in our daily math journal and learned about sorting things into groups based on their characteristics.

In science we continued to learn about the five senses, particularly hearing and seeing. In Social Studies we practiced our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. This week we worked on Be Caring.

I hope everyone has a relaxing long weekend, see you Tuesday!


The Daily 5: Read to Self

In our class this year we will be basing our Language Arts study around the Daily 5. These are 5 skills we want to work on every week to become outstanding readers and writers.

The first of our Daily 5 skills that we have been learning is Read to Self. We will practice this skill first thing every morning for the whole year. We are learning how to sit down and read by ourselves for an extended period of time. Each day we try to increase our stamina, which means reading with good reading habits. Today we reached 7 minutes of reading quietly to ourselves. Eventually we will work up to 15 minutes each day.

While students aren’t able to read the words yet, we are developing good reading thought processes like using the pictures to figure out the story, or finding the letters or words we can recognize. This will help us become great readers!

First Weeks of School

It’s hard to believe we are almost done with our first two and a half weeks of kindergarten already! We have spent a lot of time learning rules, procedures and routines for school; getting to know our friends and teachers; and learning a lot of new things. We have been very busy!

We start each day with our morning meeting and work on the Daily 5, practicing our reading, writing and phonics. Right now we are practicing how to read to ourselves. We have also been learning how to share our ideas and stories through drawing so we can prepare to write them later.

In the afternoon we work on math and science. In math we are practicing how to answer the problem of the day in our daily math journal. Right now we work together with the teacher to answer the word problem but later in the year we will answer the question on our own! We have been learning number sense which is the many different ways we can represent a number (For example a numeral, word, group of counters, etc.). In science we have been learning about the Five Senses and how they allow us to take in information to study the world around us.

Next week we will build on what we have learned so far. In Language Arts we will learn how to do word work activities, starting with learning to recognize and match upper and lower case letters. We will continue to practice sharing our ideas through writing. In math we will work on sorting objects based on their characteristics. We will continue with our study of the Five Senses.

Have a great weekend!