Our week August 28-September 1

Wow it’s hard to believe our first month of kindergarten is already finished! This week we continued to practice our routines and expectations so that we know exactly what to do in a school environment.

In Language Arts we continued to practice our Daily 5 skill Read to Self and began to learn about our second skill, Word Work. When we practice Word Work we learn all about letters, sight words, breaking down words in to their sounds and a lot of other skills we need to spell and write. This week we practiced matching big and little letters.

In math we continued to practice word problems in our daily math journal and learned about sorting things into groups based on their characteristics.

In science we continued to learn about the five senses, particularly hearing and seeing. In Social Studies we practiced our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. This week we worked on Be Caring.

I hope everyone has a relaxing long weekend, see you Tuesday!


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