Weekly Overview Q3W5

This week we had some fun working on identifying the characters in the story. First we identified the characters and what they looked like. Then we started to look a little deeper into how the characters acted and felts. This helped up identify that character traits.

In writing we continued to work in our pattern books. This week we completed the patter, I see… Next week we will be creating our own patterns!

In science this week we finished up some work on push and pulls. Then we did an experiment with the force push. We got to push a car down a runway to see how far it would go. It was really fun!

On Friday morning we had an assembly to celebrate courage.

Reading Levels

Dear Parents,

This week I will test your child’s reading level. I will send home a brief outline about the the level of book your child is reading at. You can support your child by following the points on the hand out and getting the level of book from the elementary school library. During classroom time, your child will be working on reading books independently at his/ her level.

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Emily

Overview Q3- W1

Welcome Back!

We only have a quick two weeks here at TAS before we are off again for Tet! We have started our unit on….

We have spend the beginning of this week learning about the climate, location and wildlife on the content of Antarctica.

We have learned that it is very, very cold! So cold in fact that people do not live there. There are mountains and giant ice sheets that cover most of the land that exists. We know that researchers come to visit using helicopters and boats. During the summer it is day time all year long and in the winter it always dark.

Penguins and seals are the only animals that live there all year round. Whales and birds come and visit during the summer months. We have started to learn about penguins. We know they are birds that cannot fly because they need flippers to swim well in the water. They still have feathers and fat that keeps them warm in the cold weather.

Next week we will focus on the life cycle of the penguin and will be creating a diorama of Antarctica. You will be able to come out and see it at our International Day Festival next Friday, January 19th. 

Don’t forget we have our Tet Assembly this Friday from 1:40-2:40! 

Announcement on Semester 1 Final Week/ Thông báo về tuần học cuối Học kỳ 1

Dear TAS Parents/Guardians,

Holiday time is upon us. It is at once a very festive time of the year and at the same time very busy as teachers and students clamor to complete their work before recessing for the holiday. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very joyous holiday season and a happy New Year from the TAS community. In addition, we would like to include in this email some important information for Parents:

  1. The last day for Quarter 2 After-school Activities is next Thursday, December 15th, 2016. Quarter 3 ASA Registration form will be sent out on Monday, January 9th, 2017 when coming back from winter break.
  2. Buses will depart at 11:30 am on Friday (Dec. 16th) as it will only be half day for students on that day.
  3. Please be noted that our school winter break is from December 19th, 2016 until January 6th, 2016. Classes resume on Monday, January 9th, 2017.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Office.

Thank you for all your support and we wish your holidays filled with peace and happiness.

Kind Regards,

Betsy Suits
Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Instruction
Elementary School and Early Childhood Center


Kính gửi Quý Phụ huynh/Người giám hộ,


Kỳ nghỉ đông đang đến gần, và đây là thời điểm diễn ra các lễ hội trong năm, cũng là thời gian bận rộn của giáo viên và các em học sinh để hoàn thành các công việc của mình trước khi bắt đầu kỳ nghỉ. Nhân cơ hội này, chúng tôi trân trọng gửi lời chúc Quý vị một kỳ nghỉ thật vui vẻ và một năm mới hạnh phúc. Thêm vào đó, nhà trường cũng gửi đến Quý vị một số thông tin cần lưu ý sau:

  1. Các câu lạc bộ Quý 2 sẽ kết thúc vào thứ Năm tuần sau, ngày 15/12/2016. Phiếu đăng ký câu lạc bộ quý 3 sẽ được phát sau kỳ nghỉ, thứ Hai, ngày 09/01/2017. 
  2. Các em chỉ đến trường nửa ngày thứ Sáu (18/12/2015) nên xe đưa đón sẽ khởi hành lúc 11g30 vào ngày này.
  3. Quý Phụ huynh lưu ý kỳ nghỉ đông sẽ kéo dài từ ngày 19/12/2016 đến hết ngày 06/01/2017. Các em đi học lại vào thứ Hai, ngày 09/01/2017.

Nếu Quý vị có bất kỳ thắc mắc nào, xin vui lòng liên hệ Phòng Học vụ.

Xin cảm ơn sự hỗ trợ nhiệt tình của Quý vị.

Kính chúc Quý vị một kỳ nghỉ bình an và hạnh phúc.

Trân trọng,

Betsy Suits
Hiệu Phó khối Mầm non và Tiểu học.


Image result for 7This week we worked on making pre-reading predictions with non-fiction books. When we read non-fiction books we have to use our schema to make sense of the books first and think about what we know about the subject area to make better predictions. In writing we worked on adding emotions to our writing.

For math we started to count by 10 uses actions to help us count. We also worked on adding and subtracting numbers with train games. We read the book Caps for Sale and graphed the different colored hats on the board.

In science we worked hard with our partners to create our shade shelters:

img_4293 img_4291 img_4292 img_4288 img_4289 img_4290

In social studies we read a book about listening and taking our turns talking. We have been having trouble lately listening when someone else is talking. The students demonstrated today that they are able to listen with their bodies, eyes and ears.


Christmas Assembly

Dear ECC Parents,

Greetings! It’s our pleasure to inform you that our students will be joining this year’s TAS Christmas Talent Show on 16th of December, 2016. They have been working really hard during our rehearsals and are very excited to perform. To make it even more special, we ask for your support in this event by providing the costumes for your children.

 All of the costumes are indicated per level below. Pictures are also attached for your guidance.

  • Nursery:

Plain Green T-shirt, Green Pants or Green Shorts

Green Dress for Girls

Black Shoes

  • Pre – Kindergarten:

Santa Costume for Boys

Mrs. Claus Costume for Girls

Black Shoes


  • Kindergarten:

Casual Red Top and Jeans for Boys

Red Dress with Black Leggings for Girls



The school will be providing headdresses and Santa hats for the students.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Once again, we thank you for your help.  We couldn’t put on this production without your generous support!

Best Regards,

 Ms. Mia Elizaga

Early Childhood Center Specialist

Kính gửi Quý Phụ huynh khối Mầm non!

Chúng tôi vui mừng thông báo với Quý vị rằng, con của Quý vị sẽ tham gia ngày hội Biểu diễn Tài năng Giáng sinh của Trường Quốc Tế TAS vào ngày 16/12/2016. Các em hiện đang tập luyện chăm chỉ và rất hào hứng để được biểu diễn. Nhằm tạo thêm sự đặc biệt cho buổi diễn, chúng tôi rất mong sự hỗ trợ của Quý vị trong việc cung cấp trang phục cho các em.

Trang phục được yêu cầu theo từng lớp. Hình ảnh được đính kèm để Quý vị tham khảo.

  • Nursery:

Bé trai: áo thun màu xanh lá cây đơn giản, quần dài hoặc ngắn màu xanh lá cây

Bé gái: đầm xanh lá cây

Giầy màu đen

  • Pre – Kindergarten:

Bé trai: trang phục ông Noel

Bé gái: trang phục bà Noel

Giầy màu đen


·         Kindergarten:

Bé trai: áo đỏ (có thể áo sơ mi hoặc áo thun màu đỏ) với quần jean.

Bé gái: đầm đỏ, quần legging đen

Giầy tự do.

Girls 1

Trường sẽ cung cấp mũ và nón Noel cho các bé.

Nếu Quý vị có bất kỳ thắc mắc nào, vui lòng liên hệ đến tôi.

Một lần nữa, cảm ơn sự hỗ trợ của Quý vị. Chúng tôi luôn đánh giá cao sự hỗ trợ nhiệt tình của Quý vị.

Trân trọng

Cô Mia Elizaga

Giáo viên khối Mầm non


This week we we continued to look at how we make predictions before reading. We looked at how we support these predictions with evidence from the text. In writing we worked on including emotions in our stories. We read the book The Way I Feel and acted out the different feels of the girl in the book. We talked about when we would feel each feeling. Next week we will try and write about feelings in our stories and show them in the pictures.

In math we worked on understanding the words certain, impossible and could happen. Impossible was easy for us to understand but we had trouble with the difference between certain and could happen. We also did some fun Thanksgiving activities where we counted turnkeys, corn while working on tally marks and patterning.

In science we started our final project in Our Sun Warms unit. We have all created monsters who want to play out in the sun but it is too hot. In pairs the students have all designed a structure to help keep the monsters cool. Next week we will build and test our structures.

Thursday we had a quick assembly about the Terry Fox Run! The run will take place this Sunday, November 27th, in District 7. You can sign up in the marketing office in B. It is a whole family event.

On Friday we had our student of the month away put on by Grade 1A and 1B. They did a fantastic job teaching us about respect!