My 10 favorite things

My favorite football team: FC Barcelona. Barca is the strongest soccer team of the world. They play a really nice and beautiful type of football, but sometimes, watching them playing is kinda boring because they take possession of the ball all the time with their passing skill.

My favorite soccer player: David Luiz. He is a Brazilian defender, he currently plays for Chelsea, one of my favorite team. He’s a very skillful player, he could plays as a midfielder because he also good at attacking, and shooting.

My favorite singer: Bruno Mars. A Hawaii born singer. He is really good at pop ballad, lots of instrument, songwriting and had inspired me a lot. He won 1 Grammy and nominated 12 times.

My favorite band: Linkin’ Park. A rock band came from California. They are one of the best rock band of all time. Their group have Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Rob Bourden and Dave Farrell. They won 2 Grammy, nominated 6 times.

My favorite subject: Physical Education.We can improve our health and learn new sport with this subject.

My favorite game: Pro Evolution Soccer series. A really awesome and looks real 3D soccer game.

My favorite book: The Percy Jackson series: I don’t read book much but if I read, i’d prefer to pick one of the book of The Percy Jackson series to read b/c of its awesome plot.

My favorite actor: Adam Sandler. I think he’s the best comedian of all time. He really knows how to make people laugh.

My favorite sport: Soccer. I like to play soccer really much, even tho i’m not really good at it 🙂 .

My favorite website: Facebook. A really nice place for uploading pictures, express your feeling, chatting with your friend,…

Links to the images: David Luiz:

Bruno Mars:

Linkin Park:



Challenge About number 10. Challenge week 6

What 10 educational games or iPad apps should all students be able to use at school?

1.Minecraft PE. We could learn survival skills, crafting, and architecture there.

2.Edmodo. You will automatically receive notification if your teacher post something in Edmodo, so you won’t miss any new stuff.

3.Gmail. You can access to your Gmail there.

4.Calculator. You don’t have to buy any expensive calculator.

5.Prezi. You can make, edit, present your Prezi right from your IPad.

6.Dictionary. We can access to a dictionary really fast.

7.Sky Walk. A really cool app we could use to see stars.

8. 4 pics 1 word. In this app, we have to guess 1 word, they’ll give us 4 pictures as clues. This is a pretty hard game but it could improve your thinking and you could know some more words.

9. IMovie. You could make videos using this app, then your movie project can be easier.

10. Page. A miniature Microsoft Office.

Challenge number 4: Images

All pictures found at :

Lionel Messi’s picture:

Marco Reus’s picture:

Ronaldinho’s picture:

Gerald Pique’s picture:

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Challenge week 2: My favorite game FIFA Online 2

Hey guys, today i’ll tell about my favorite game FIFA Online 2. The game was developed by IAH games. This game is about playing soccer online with our friends or simply strangers. First, you could pick your favorite team and practice with computers, then they will let you to play your own with people. And also, after playing one match you could receive GP (a type of money in this game) so that you could buy your favorite players or enchant your own players.

This game is very exciting and addicting , I think you should try and you’ll enjoy it! P/S: But still, remember to focus on your education!!! 🙂

10 people i wanna see

Cristiano Ronaldo
Were you happy when you score your first goal against Man United?
Lionel Messi
Could you win another Balon’d’or ?
Adam Levine
How come you had a very strange voice?
Nate Ruess
Why your voice is so good?
Frank Rijkaard
How did you see Messi’s potential talent?
Gareth Bale
How fast you could run?
Will you return to Barca? (if you have a chance)
President Obama
What will you do to reduce America’s dept?
Steven Spielberg
Will you make more movie?
Thibaut Courtois
Will you move to Barca ?